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Why Faraday Future's luxury electric car is named FF 91

Wed Jan 11 04:13:09 EST 2017 | Green Car Reports
Faraday Future unveiled its FF 91 electric car at a special event held during the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week. It's a crossover-utility vehicle with a claimed 1,050 horsepower and 378-mile range, the latter courtesy of a 130-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack. Aside from those ambitious performance claims, the FF 91 has fairly extroverted styling, with bulging fenders, a low roof line, and a grille-free front fascia that advertises the car's electric powertrain. DON..


64,000 people reserved a Faraday Future FF 91 after the car was officially unveiled at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show. While not as impressive as the nearly 400,000 reservation..
The road ahead looked steep for Faraday Future after the company’s debut at last year’s Consumer Electronics Show: A year’s worth of bad news — construction was halted at the facto..
Faraday Future unveiled its FF 91 electric car at a special event held during the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week. It's a crossover-utility vehicle with a cla..
At the Consumer Electronics Show 2017, Faraday Future finally showed off a proper production version of its self-driving electric car. It’s unlike any other electric car on the mar..
With the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show on this week, there was a lot of headlines regarding electric and self-driving cars. Thankfully, there was also some old-school grunt like t..
Well, we finally have an explanation on the naming convention, via Faraday Future senior vice president of research and development, Nick Sampson. According to Sampson, the na..
Although initial testing by DragTimes (limited to just one run down the track) returned a 0 to 60 MPH time of 2.465 seconds with Ludicrous + mode enabled, Musk noted that under the..
DETROIT – Some automaker incentive programs cause undesirable pricing discrepancies in the marketplace and fuel consumer distrust of car dealers, Peter Welch, president of the Nati..
LAS VEGAS — CES doesn’t want to be called the Consumer Electronics Show any more — just C, E and S. Just as well, because it could almost be called the Car Electronics Show. The No..
A few days after its hyperbole-infused press conference in Vegas, the automaker announced it had secured over 64,000 pre-orders of the FF 91, with Priority reservations costing $5,..
Audi’s Q8 concept made its world debut at the Detroit Auto Show. The design study accurately previews a production model that will arrive in showrooms as early as next year. The Q8..
Which U.S. automaker dropped some bombshells about its future plans for electric cars, and Mexico too? And what did we learn at the gigantic Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas?..
For at least the second year in a row, CES was quiet. Much like 2016's show, this year's consumer electronics spectacle lacked blockbuster products, brands behaving badly, or unpre..
I mean, it’s fast. Duh. But like, you don’t get how fast it is. It moves your grey matter. Seriously, it feels like your brain sloshes back inside your skull when the Faraday Futur..
Faraday Future wasn’t keen on discussing price at the FF 91 unveiling on Tuesday night, but now it seems as though we have a ballpark figure to work with via hints from the automak..
With reports of organization issues, major finance concerns, and an increasingly growing list of top executives voluntarily abandoning Faraday Future, things look a little bleak. B..
LAS VEGAS — If CES 2016 was about automakers setting lofty goals for automated driving and displaying futuristic prototypes, CES 2017 saw those automakers take steps to furthe..
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Lucid Motors is a small electric car startup based out of Menlo Park, Calif. that has big dreams for the future. But not that big. Unlike some of its peers (I’m looking at you, Far..
The high density battery is designed to provide 500 kilometers (310 miles) of range or 80 percent of capacity in the time it takes for a quick roadside coffee break. For reference,..
Audi on Monday unveiled a concept car at the 2017 Detroit auto show previewing a new range-topping SUV currently in the works. The concept is called the Q8 and is set to spawn a pr..
Porsche has opted to skip the Detroit Auto Show and instead introduce its first new car of 2017 online. The Stuttgart-based company has upgraded every GTS-badged member of the 911 ..
Last week, over 170,000 people converged on Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show, an event that showcases the latest and greatest in tech gadgetry. Think of it like a..
Tesla has already admitted its failure to deliver at least 80,000 Model X and Model S units — despite a 64 percent increase in production from 2015. While the company is movin..
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Smith is smart, as he is kind, and he knows his customer whom I believe likes to look good, but also be practical. Details have always been the best the designer has to offer, from..
After the cheating emissions scandal hampered its global efforts to push diesel models, VW decided to play the EV card, and one of the vehicles that will come out of this strategy ..
After attending last year's Detroit Auto Show, I wrote that CES can't replace traditional auto shows just yet. But after spending the last few days at CES in Las Vegas, I'm ready t..
In this future, the brand decision will be made up of ride-sharing services, not auto manufacturers. The brand you’ll be considering might include Uber, Lyft, Chariot or one of the..
Audi showed off its stylish full-size Q8 concept SUV at this year’s Detroit auto show. The concept takes notes from the other German coupe-like SUVs and sa..
It’s been a big week for Goal Zero at the Consumer Electronics Show. First, the company unveiled innovative power stations with lightweight lithium batteries, a..
This year’s Consumer Electronics Show opened its doors this week and immediately swung into high gear with some awesome tech gadgets, and in this article, we’re going to share a fe..