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Tom Brady Did The Worst Impression Of The Rock To Sell Pajamas

Tue Jan 10 13:01:03 EST 2017 | UPROXX
Tom Brady has earned nearly $200 million during his NFL career. His current contract will take him to $230 million. That doesn’t include any of his endorsements, which include Movado, Uggs, Beautyrest and Donald Trump. He could quit football right now and live comfortably as a god for the rest of his days. For some reason, he is trying to hock gimmick pajamas for Under Armour. That reason is, of course, money, but the lengths he’s going to move a few extra units of overpriced sleepwear have reac..


Tom Brady has earned nearly $200 million during his NFL career. His current contract will take him to $230 million. That doesn’t include any of his endorsements, which include Mova..
January 11, 2017 9:30am EST January 11, 2017 9:23am EST One look at Tom Brady's latest Facebook post is enough to make even the most loyal Patriots fan cringe. One look at Tom Brad..
Athletic apparel retailer Under Armour announced at CES 2017 a new sleep and recovery system for athletes in training, as well as an update to its UA Record mobile app that is desi..
The 39-year-old New England Patriots quarterback posted a video on his to tell The Rock that he would be sending him a pair of his pajamas collaboration with Under Armour. “Hey Roc..
What’s cooler than the cat’s pajamas? Tom Brady’s pajamas. Under Armour and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady have announced at CES a new kind of high-tech sleepwear that ..
LAS VEGAS — For many NFL fans who don't like the New England Patriots, quarterback Tom Brady gives them nightmares. Now Brady is teaming with Under Armour for sleepwear it cla..
Subscribe to UPROXX Remember when Tom Brady, a partner of Under Armour, made that video where he called out The Rock, a partner of Under Armour, in that cringe-worthy video the oth..
If you’ve always wanted to sleep in Tom Brady’s pajamas but were too shy to ask, now’s your chance. Here’s Brady doing his best impression of Dwayne The Rock Johnson for some reaso..
By now, you might have heard that Tom Brady and Under Armour have teamed up to create $100 recovery pajamas. As a Patriot fan, I always hold my breath whenever Brady comes out with..
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is not a fan of Tom Brady's acting skills. The former WWE star absolutely roasted Brady's Facebook post on Tuesday, where the Patriots quarterback&nb..
Subscribe to UPROXX Following Wednesday’s explosive press conference, practically every comedy writer in late night was probably tossing their jokes aside and writing new ones. Aft..
Russell Wilson has no fear. His words, not ours. The controversial play call that ultimately cost the Seahawks a win in Super Bowl XLIX against the Patriots — a quick slant to..
Tom Brady is about to begin his 14th playoff run with the Patriots. Throughout his legendary, four-ring career, he has never played better. MORE: Predictions for NFL playoffs ..
WASHINGTON (AP) — Touting his four years as secretary of state, John Kerry on Thursday attempted to explain one of the most contentious moments in American diplomacy during his ten..
In a video Tuesday, Tom Brady called on Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to use the New England Patriots quarterback's new Athlete Recovery Sleepwear from Under Armour. Johnson responded ..
With the Super Bowl less than a month away, it’s time to start getting excited for all the commercials coming up! Intel has just released its 30-second spot for the February 5th ga..
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SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 6 (UPI) -- All-Pro quarterback Tom Brady doesn't forget those who helped him achieve greatness. But he also isn't one to spend a lot of time reflecting on his o..
We began today’s news coverage by talking about the reaction from Donald Trump to Meryl Streep’s comments at the Golden Globes about him, and with that, isn’t it only fair that we ..
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MacFarlane mocked the president-elect for resurrecting the "you're fired!" catch phrase from his reality television series “The Apprentice” during the event. The “Family Guy” creat..
And he already had more followers than you will ever have in less than an hour. Brady posted his first photo at around 5 p.m. Saturday. The photo was of himself, standing outside i..
Compared to last year’s unveiling of the Nikon D5 and D500, the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show didn’t capture quite the same wow factor for photographers. But while most announceme..
+ READ ARTICLE New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is shilling pajamas these days—that is, specially-designed performance sleepwear from Under Armour—so he decided that the ..
Tom Brady has decided to join Instagram. The Patriots' quarterback announced his decision in a six-minute Facebook Live video on Saturday. (Warning: Brady doesn't actually app..
Emma Stone, Amy Adams, and Evan Rachel Wood pose for photos while attending W Magazine’s Celebration of the Best Performances Portfolio on Thursday night (January 5) at the Chateau..
The many fake names used by a former compounding pharmacy to fill pharmacy forms includes some well-known names. Day three of the federal trial against New England Compounding Cent..
CLEMSON, S.C. — Ben Boulware recalls two things specifically about his reaction to losing the national championship game a year ago: crying and being a jerk to anyone who wanted to..
Televising sports from the player's point of view has long been a dream of TV networks. Imagine as a viewer seeing what Tom Brady sees when he sees Julian Edelm..
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady uses hats to select Instagram as his next social media account of choice on his Facebook account. The New England Patriots are on a bye i..
Last SlideNext Slide This week, the ageless Tom Brady will appreciate not playing a game. Because, unlike the first four games of the season, his team is also taking the week off. ..
Proving that literally everyone loved the Attitude Era, Tom Brady took to Facebook on Tuesday to try to push some of his new fancy Tom Brady brand --- while delivering h..
Yesterday, we wrote up a piece on Tom Brady posting a video to his Facebook page that was calling to Dwayne Johnson about flogging the former WWE Megastar some of TB12's new line o..
Tom Brady is a great quarterback, he will probably go down as the greatest of all-time once he eventually decides to hang up his cleats, which could still be in 10 years because th..