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Get Off My Lawn: Tom Brady's Dumb Pajamas

Sun Jan 08 13:03:02 EST 2017 | Fox Sports
By now, you might have heard that Tom Brady and Under Armour have teamed up to create $100 recovery pajamas. As a Patriot fan, I always hold my breath whenever Brady comes out with a new business venture because it is no secret that he has aligned himself with a greasy Snake Oil Salesman. Thankfully, I feel a little better that he is teaming with Under Armour on this dumb product versus coming out with another line of Electrolyte PH Balanced Non-Alkaline Concussion water with Alex Guerrero. Seco..


By now, you might have heard that Tom Brady and Under Armour have teamed up to create $100 recovery pajamas. As a Patriot fan, I always hold my breath whenever Brady comes out with..
January 5, 2017 1:34pm EST January 5, 2017 1:34pm EST American Football, News, English, Tom Brady, NFL, New England Patriots The Patriots quarterback and style guru modeled his Und..
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) shouts as he takes the field at Gillette Stadium before an NFL football game against the Denver Broncos on Sunday, Nov. 2, 2014, in ..
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is a notorious sleep fanatic. He has said he aims to get to bed by 9 p.m, even 8:30 p.m during the season. All that shut-eye seems to hel..
Never one to be caught napping, Under Armour is turning its attention to sleep and recovery, an important part of any athlete's training schedule. Announced at CES 2017, the new Un..
The NFL's wild-card round finishes up with two cold-weather games as the Miami Dolphins visit Pittsburgh and the Giants travel to Green Bay to renew one of the NFL's best postseaso..
The NFL season began with a quarterback getting hit in the head, rolling around on the turf in pain, then getting sent back into the game suspiciously quick. The first weekend of t..
Under Armour released their advertisement for their new pajamas with Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady leading the campaign. The pajamas which cost $99.99 for the pajama top and $99.9..
Tom Brady and Under Armour Inc (NYSE:) have teamed up to launch a product that will help athletes sleep better at night. The product in question is a line of pajamas that help..
LAS VEGAS — For many NFL fans who don't like the New England Patriots, quarterback Tom Brady gives them nightmares. Now Brady is teaming with Under Armour for sleepwear it cla..
What’s cooler than the cat’s pajamas? Tom Brady’s pajamas. Under Armour and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady have announced at CES a new kind of high-tech sleepwear that ..
What a forgettable wild-card weekend. Four games, four blowouts. Sure, there were some memorable moments, from Jadeveon Clowney’s interception and Paul Richardson’s one-handed grab..
The NFL’s wild-card round finishes up with two cold-weather games as the Miami Dolphins visit Pittsburgh and the Giants travel to Green Bay to renew one of the NFL’s best postseaso..
NFL quarterback Tom Brady is picky about his sleep, to say the least. The four-time Super Bowl champion, three-time Super Bowl MVP, and serial napper likes to go to bed around..
HOUSTON — The backup was healthy enough to dress, but the Oakland Raiders kept him on the sideline. With starting quarterback Derek Carr injured indefinitely with a broken leg, the..
The NFL and the NFL Players Association are conducting a review of the concussion protocol Miami Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore received in the second quarter of Sunday’s 30-12 pl..
With the Dolphins down 20-3 in the second quarter of the AFC wild-card game against Pittsburgh, it looked as if Miami's day couldn't get much worse. But Steelers linebacker Bu..
Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore was lucky to walk off the field, let alone finish Sunday's wild-card matchup with the Steelers after a vicious hit to the head courtesy of Pitt..
ABOVE VIDEO: Sit down interview with Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers. (NFL) – The bright side of a historically lopsided Wild Card Round arrives next weekend. Wins by Green Bay and Seat..
Yo, Tom Brady needs to knock it off with this lifestyle ---. Seriously, the dude needs to stay in his lane: He’s a professional football player. He’s really good at playing quarte..
Tom Brady has earned nearly $200 million during his NFL career. His current contract will take him to $230 million. That doesn’t include any of his endorsements, which include Mova..
Crazy things are happening at the intersection of sports science and medical science. That said, there's something about this ad for Under Armour's Athlete Recovery Sleepwear, feat..
Tom Brady says he can only work has hard—or perform as well—as his ability to recover. And he considers sleep the best way to recover, exactly why he strives for eight to 10 hours ..
Give the NFL credit for its Wild Card Weekend schedule, because it certainly knows how to build to a crescendo. The first two games on Saturday are not quite as compelling as the t..
The four wild-card games were decided by a total margin of victory of 76 points, making it the most lopsided wild-card weekend since 1981. (Justin K. Aller/Getty Images) If you cou..
Remember when the NFL playoffs were fun? Can you recall the time before backup quarterbacks (and highly paid quarterbacks that play like backups) and atrocious, record-setting (and..
Tom Brady has found the perfect garment to complement his Uggs — his new pajamas. He showed off the latter Thursday while speaking with reporters before a New England Patriots prac..
The 39-year-old New England Patriots quarterback posted a video on his to tell The Rock that he would be sending him a pair of his pajamas collaboration with Under Armour. “Hey Roc..
Matt Moore got rocked in the AFC Wild Card Game on Sunday, taking him out of the game and prompting his backup to come in. The early Wild Card game on Sunday in Pittsburgh was..
Wild-card games can be so unpredictable because, at times, the visitors come in with a better record than the host. That’s the case in two of this weekend’s matchups, and Pro Picks..
Dragonfly Jonez is a full time tweeter, a part time podcaster and an aficionado of spicy Popeye’s drumsticks who will be offering NFL commentary this season. Wild Card weekend is d..
We've looked at each of the eight quarterbacks from wild-card weekend, but what about the other players? While we don't have a Total Running Back or Total Tight End Rating, we can ..
After taking a vicious hit by Steelers linebacker Bud Dupree, Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore missed just one snap in Miami's 30-12 loss at Pittsburgh on Sunday.  MORE: NFL co..
Connor Cook's first NFL start could not have gone much worse. The Raiders rookie quarterback struggled in Saturday's AFC wild-card playoff game against the Texans, throwing th..
PITTSBURGH -- Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore said he got "smoked" by Steelers linebacker Bud Dupree in Miami's playoff loss to Pittsburgh, but that he didn't suffer a concussion. ..