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Faraday Future FF 91 Expected To Start At ~$150,000, Fully Loaded More Than $200,000

Sat Jan 07 07:13:18 EST 2017 | Inside EVs
Faraday Future wasn’t keen on discussing price at the FF 91 unveiling on Tuesday night, but now it seems as though we have a ballpark figure to work with via hints from the automaker. To reserve a FF 91 “Alliance Edition” it’s just $5,000, but sometime before that car enters production, you should be ready to pony up perhaps $200,000 more to secure your order. Teslarati reached out to Faraday at the unveiling event and though the automaker initially didn’t seem willing to discuss price, once the..


Scoot your --- Tesla, and make room for Faraday Future, an electric vehicle startup headquartered in California that just announced its first production automobile. Faraday Futur..
Faraday Future unveiled its FF 91 electric car on the sidelines of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The battery-powered 1,050-horsepower vehicle is intended to rival (or..
After a lot of hype and intrigue, Faraday Future has finally revealed its first production car. The FF 91 keeps some of the styling of the audacious concept car shown last year, bu..
Although it still remains to be seen if it can cough up enough money to finish building its factory and to fund all the other things carmakers have to fund to build a car, potentia..
It’s been a long time coming, but Faraday Future has finally taken the stage at CES 2017 to reveal its first electric vehicle, dubbed the FF 91. Ask Faraday senior vice president o..
“We’re gonna show the first of a new species.” “Tomorrow is too important for us, and for humanity. We have to flip the automative industry on its head… independent of fossil fuels..
To the sounds of oohs and ahhs, Faraday Future rolled out its FFZERO1 concept car for the first time at CES 2016. The concept car, while met with an astounding amount of hype, was ..
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The third-generation version of Elon Musk's car manufacturing company is making waves. Considering that the Model 3 will become the least expensive unit in the electric automobile ..
Today, we have details on the Faraday Future FF 91 electric car, Tesla's 2016 delivery figures, and confirmation that a prototype Ford Transit Connect Hybrid taxi will appear at th..
The consequence of success is a massive target on your back. This has never been more apparent than in the electric vehicle space, because the industry leader — Tesla — has more he..
First Look: Faraday Future FF 91
-Automobile Magazine
GARDENA, California — Look past the foreboding swell of issues in front of Faraday Future — its acting CEO recently jumped ship, following a slew of defecting senior executives, an..
Faraday Future said it received 64,124 customer reservations shortly after unveiling its first car, the FF 91, this week at CES in Las Vegas. The initial strong response is welcome..
FARADAY FUTURE’S GONG SHOW* PERFORMANCE BREAKS THE CRINGE-O-METER Now that we know more about Faraday Future, thanks to Tuesday night’s extravaganza, we can do some comparisons bet..
Faraday Future is ringing in the new year with the public reveal of its first production vehicle, the FF 91, at CES in Las Vegas on Tuesday. The vehicle was first unveiled at an ex..
Faraday Future wasn’t keen on discussing price at the FF 91 unveiling on Tuesday night, but now it seems as though we have a ballpark figure to work with via hints from the automak..
At the Consumer Electronics Show 2017, Faraday Future finally showed off a proper production version of its self-driving electric car. It’s unlike any other electric car on the mar..
Faraday Future Senior Vice President of Research and Development and Engineering Nick Sampson unveils Faraday Future's FF 91 prototype electric crossover vehicle during a press eve..
Tesla delivered 76,230 vehicles in 2016, falling slightly short of its goal of delivering 80,000 cars for the year. The electric carmaker claimed that “short-term production challe..
It seems that a number of folks have taken a liking to Faraday Future’s first electric car, the FF 91. Unveiled at CES 2017 earlier in the week, the reveal of the FF 91 was highly ..
The past few months haven't been kind to Faraday Future, the new electric-car company launched by Chinese entrepreneur Jia Yueting. An aggressive start-up plan has left the co..
LAS VEGAS — Time is running out for Faraday Future’s ambitious plan to crack the U.S. auto industry and take on Tesla Motors Inc. TSLA, +1.54%   The startup on Tuesday reveale..
The electric car revolution is missing a barf bag. Too bad. You're about to need one. On Tuesday night, Faraday Future—an aspirant Tesla competitor very much on the rise—debuted th..
The Faraday Future FF 91 supposedly has 1,050 electric horsepower. It can go 378 miles on a charge. It can hit 60 miles per hour in 2.4 seconds. It can juice up faster than any ele..
Faraday Future, the startup electric brand with Chinese backing based in Nevada, introduced its first production-intent vehicle today on the sidelines of the Consumer Electronic Sh..
One of the big reveals at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show happened yesterday, before the show’s official Jan. 5 open. And with Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:) stock down 1.5%..
Faraday Future is off to a seemingly promising start with its recently unveiled FF 91 electric vehicle. While its design may come off to some as somewhat of an amalgam of a hatchba..
A sign points to way to Faraday Future's factory project at an industrial site in North Las Vegas, Nevada, on January 3, 2017. Credit: Martyn Williams Faraday Future's plans for it..
In the first 36 hours following the reveal of the Faraday Future FF 91, the automaker says that it logged 64,124 reservations for the electric car. While that number seems impressi..
In a press event at CES 2017, Faraday Future finally unveiled its first production electric vehicle, named the FF 91. Faraday Future showed off the FF 91's specifications and featu..
Days leading to the CES 2017 had been busy for folks at Faraday Future, drumming up interest for its FF 91 flagship electric vehicle, but once the bevy of speakers has dispens..
Here it is, finally: the highly connected, ultra-luxury Faraday Future FF91 electric car. It’s not just a car but “the first of a new species” that combines green transpo..
You may have heard about the exotic new super-fast highly connected ultra-luxury electric car called the FF91.  It’s more than a car, says its maker, Faraday Future: It’s..
Ford will sell self-driving taxi by 2021 Ford will build in North America and sell a self-driving hybrid taxi within 5 years, its CEO announced Tuesday. Mark Fields told a crowd at..
A prototype for Audi’s oft-rumored Q8 has been spotted. The Q8 is a new range-topping SUV that’s closely related to the Q7 but with a coupe-like profile. The vehicle will be previe..