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HTC is keeping VR weird with toy guns, baseball bats, and fire hoses

Fri Jan 06 04:11:15 EST 2017 | The Verge
On its own, the HTC Vive Tracker isn't very impressive-looking — it's just a black puck with the Vive logo in the middle. But it's the reason why HTC's Vive CES booth is full of weird, whimsical hardware this year. The puck adds instant motion control to any object, and while most developers are just starting to get their hands on it, a few HTC partners developed demos for CES. Some of these are ridiculously fun. Others still need some work. And one of them could probably kill somebody. Valve al..


The consensus is that the HTC Vive is currently the only virtual reality technology that can go head-to-head with Oculus Rift. At CES 2017, the device proved this once again after ..
HTC has a new accessory item for its Vive VR headset that can turn just about anything into a VR controller. One example HTC gave is a baseball bat — with the Vive Tracker embedded..
At CES 2017, HTC introduced two new technologies designed to rapidly grow its Vive virtual reality platform. HTC is moving fast and may try to claim the crown of becoming the leade..
On its own, the HTC Vive Tracker isn't very impressive-looking — it's just a black puck with the Vive logo in the middle. But it's the reason why HTC's Vive CES booth is full of we..
Though HTC acolytes didn’t get a second-generation Vive headset at CES 2017 as they hoped, VR fans still have something to look forward to this year. Vive Trackers, ..
2016 might not have been the year of virtual reality everybody had previously predicted, but it set the stall for future innovations. And unlike failed attempts in the past, this t..
LAS VEGAS — At CES 2017, HTC announced two new accessories that expand on the Vive VR headset's capabilities. The first is a small attachment called the Vive Tracker that enables m..
A year after the launch of the Vive VR headset, HTC isn’t done wth making new hardware for virtual reality: The company announced a new tracking module at CES Wednesday that will a..
I tried out TPCast's Vive wireless adapter -- which will be available globally in the second quarter of this year for $249 -- and came away mostly impressed. It's a small device th..
HTC has talked a lot about getting all kinds of people and companies to use its Vive virtual reality headset, and it’s taking some steps toward that today. At CES, it announced som..
If the HTC Vive has one flaw, it’s that tangle of cords that constantly threatens to trip you up. But thanks to a partnership with Intel, the promise of a wireless (yes, wireless!)..
These last few days have been rocky for HTC, who not even a week ago was rumored to reveal the HTC Vive’s wireless sequel at CES 2017, only to debunk it moments later. Rest as..
HTC has unveiled a couple of additions to its Vive hardware line-up, designed to enhance your VR experience. The first of these is the Vive Tracker a small gadget designed to be ad..
(Photo : Mike Pont / Getty Images) NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 01: A view of HTC Vive during Advertising Week 2015 AWXII at the ADARA Stage at Times Center Hall on October 1, 2015 in Ne..
The HTC VIVE Tracker is far smaller than any other accessory currently made by the company for the VR headset. It’s tiny compared to the other smallest device in the collection – t..
After months of creative developers building cool virtual reality devices that relied on HTC Vive controllers duck taped to them, HTC has introduced a cool peripheral called the Vi..
The HTC Vive team has been seriously busy since launching its excellent VR headset last year. It announced a slew of new hardware and software solutions at CES 2017 including the h..
For one, you can expect wireless VR to be a big theme for the Vive this year. It's not hard to see why: It's simply hard to believe you're in an actual virtual world when you're te..
Last year, HTC made the best virtual reality experience possible. One as close to the promise of Star Trek’s Holodeck as we’ve ever come. This year, at CES HTC hopes to improve on ..
The HTC Vive came strutting onto the VR scene with a high price tag and a lot of pizzazz. The only problem is that the sales didn't quite match the strut. Nevertheless, HTC may hav..
Tinder is launching a virtual reality headset. Gotcha! It’s not doing anything of the sort. Instead, the dating app has set up a stall at CES with its very own fake VR device, all ..
Amit Singh, vice president of Google business operations virtual reality and augmented reality speaks during the Huawei keynote address at CES in Las Vegas, January 5, 2017. REUTER..
Virtual reality was once again close to everywhere at CES in Las Vegas this week, with countless booths displaying headsets and accessories. A number of studios and creators also u..
Earlier this week, HTC announced a tracker that can turn just about anything into a controller for its Vive VR system. The idea is that you can swing a real baseball bat or shoot a..
HTC Vive unit owners will have to set aside for a while their wishes of an upgraded second generation virtual reality headset since HTC debunked rumors of an HTC Vive 2 launching i..
At the ongoing CES 2017, Lenovo showed off a prototype of its first virtual reality headset, powered by Microsoft's Windows Holographic platform. Upon its release, the unnamed virt..
LAS VEGAS – The best part of CES, the sprawling consumer electronics showcase that kicks off Thursday, is the sneak peek that the event provides of where technology is taking us. I..
Last month, HTC quietly announced a peripheral called TPCast that professed to provide wireless functionality to the Vive VR headset, which ordinarily requires you to be tethered t..
Call it a virtual disappointment. Or virtually unsurprising. I’ll just say I was virtually underwhelmed. Whatever pun you choose, the virtual reality industry has some ex..
Lenovo showed off its first virtual reality headset prototype, based on the Microsoft Windows Holographic platform, Monday in Las Vegas, ahead of the upcoming Consumer Electro..
HTC could be preparing a Vive-branded smartphone for its Jan. 12 event. This speculation comes from a recently leaked promotional video that showcases how the Taiwanese company wan..
TrackR — a startup that makes small devices for tracking your lost things through a combination of Bluetooth and “crowd GPS” — announced some new ways to avoid losing your stuff at..
See that guy up there in the lead image? That's not me. That guy has what they call in the industry "range of motion" and is "good at kicking." When I strapped on Cerevo's Taclim V..
The advent of VR has led to some of the greatest innovations we’ve seen in gaming controllers in years, but problem is they’re still fixed controllers. No matter how good motion an..
If you happen to find yourself at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas now through Sunday, Jan. 7, you have the opportunity to experience the sensory over..