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Police official defends destruction of municipal ID records

Thu Jan 05 16:13:07 EST 2017 | Times Union
NEW YORK (AP) — A police official on Thursday defended the city's intention to destroy personal records of holders of its immigrant-friendly municipal ID cards. John Miller, deputy commissioner of intelligence and counterterrorism, testified in a courtroom that the ID is not a terrorist tool and that few people have tried to obtain it fraudulently or use it to commit crimes during the two years since it was first issued. "Criminal implications over the trial period were de minimis," Miller said...


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NEW YORK (AP) — A police official on Thursday defended the city's intention to destroy personal records of holders of its immigrant-friendly municipal ID cards. John Miller, deputy..
NEW YORK (AP) — A police official on Thursday defended the city's intention to destroy personal records of holders of its immigrant-friendly municipal ID cards. John Miller, deputy..
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