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Asus’ ZenFone 3 Zoom cuts back on the camera and beefs up the battery

Wed Jan 04 10:11:46 EST 2017 | The Verge
Asus has unveiled the ZenFone 3 Zoom — a successor to the ZenFone Zoom that retains the original’s stand-out feature (you guessed it: a camera with an optical zoom) while refining a few other specs. The most interesting of these is a new 5,000 mAh battery squeezed into a case that’s actually three millimeters slimmer than the original’s. Asus claims the battery life is so good that the 3 Zoom can double up as a power bank to charge users’ other gadgets, but... we wouldn’t recommend it. More nota..


Asus has unveiled the ZenFone 3 Zoom — a successor to the ZenFone Zoom that retains the original’s stand-out feature (you guessed it: a camera with an optical zoom) while refining ..
Perhaps sometime in the future we will stop calling our mobile devices smartphones and refer to them as smartcams. Think about it for a moment—for many people, making actual phone ..
(Photo : Justin Sullivan / Getty Images) The new Google Nexus 7 tablet, made by Asus is displayed during a Google special event at Dogpatch Studios on July 24, 2013 in San Francisc..
The New Year has just started and Asus is already gearing up for another smartphone launch that packs 5.2-inch display and attractive specifications. Check out the details! Asus X0..
Qualcomm is apparently feeling giddy that ASUS is using the company's Snapdragon 821 System-on-Chip to power its not-yet-announced ZenFone AR. Well, not officially announced, anywa..
Both cameras shoot 12-megapixel stills, using what ASUS calls an improved "TriTech+" autofocus system to keep your images sharp. These include dual-pixel phase detection autofocus ..
Images of the ASUS ZenFone AR have leaked out. The renders, shared by Evan Blass, purportedly show the second Google Tango smartphone. Qualcomm’s announcement reveals that the ZenF..
Asus revealed Zenfone 3 Zoom at CES 2017 and it is seriously incredible. Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom technical specifications Aside from the Zenfone AR, Asus introduced a shining star at C..
Cameras have quickly become the most important feature of smartphones, but Asus wants to take it to the next level. Just announced at CES, the ZenFone 3 Zoom is packed with feature..
[CES 2017] Back in 2015, ASUS launched the ZenFone Zoom smartphone. As its name implies, this is a smartphone where the focus is on the camera’s zoom capabilities where it had a 3x..
Asus had already teased the announcement of a new smartphone set to debut at CES this week, and now we know what it’s going to be called. Thanks to an accidental early post of a pr..
Asus has partnered with Google for a phone that has both virtual and augmented reality. The Asus Zenfone AR will be revealed at the company's press conference in CES 2017 this week..
A blog post by Qualcomm accidentally leaked information about the Asus ZenFone AR, which is the second Google Project Tango-enabled smartphone and the first one to be powered by Qu..
Asus’ Zenfone 3 Zoom sports a dreamy camera and massive battery, making it one to watch. If you want anyone to take notice of your smartphone at CES 2017, it needs to have two..
Qualcomm has released the technical details of the latest flagship product in the Snapdragon range, the Snapdragon 835. The Snapdragon 835's name was quietly mentioned last year wh..
New rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 keep emerging ahead of its expected released later in 2017. The device will is said to have some new cool features designed to lure consu..
  (Photo : Neil Godwin/MacLife Magazine via Getty Images) Apple iPad Pro 2017 to have A10x processor, OLED Display and Bigger Screen. (Neil Godwin/MacLife Magazine via Getty I..
Smartphone battery life these days hasn’t exactly improved by leaps and bounds over the years. For the most part, most phones still tend to last only a day, or in some cases 2-3 da..
(Photo : Joe Raedle/Getty Images) Eduardo Solorzano (2nd L) and George Ascencio (2nd R) play Ultra Street Fighter 4 against each other at the Asus computer booth during the TigerDi..
Asus has painstakingly revealed its weapon to tear down MacBook Pro in CES 2017. With the launching of Zenbook 3 Deluxe, will Asus take user's experience to the next level like wha..
ASUS is one of the many device makers taking part in CES 2017, and today the company introduced two new Android smartphones. First up is the ASUS ZenFone AR. As expected, the ZenFo..
The Asus ZenFone Zoom 2 was a stunner of a midrange smartphone. It featured 3x optical zoom, great low-light camera performance, and an excellent battery life to boot. And if ..
Chip maker Qualcomm has accidentally revealed the Asus Zenfone AR ahead of its debut at CES 2017. The upcoming Android smartphone will officially be the second Google Tango phone f..
The Huawei Honor 6X is a budget phone now equipped with a powerful processor, above average battery capacity, full HD display and other new features. Huawei's mid-range phone is no..
Whether it’s the Google Pixel or the Samsung Galaxy S7—companies are betting that the future of virtual reality will be ushered in by your mobile device. Now, you can add Asus to t..
Two things immediately struck me when I walked onto the show floor at this year’s Photo Plus Expo. Nikon’s booth was all about the company’s new line of action cameras, including t..
The more cameras virtual reality rigs have, the more the price goes up — but Hubblo is aiming to bring the price of 3D, broadcast quality 4K down a bit with the $1,000, six-camera ..
With two days to go before ASUS’s big CES event, the company has dropped another detail about its upcoming product. ASUS today tweeted out that it’ll soon announce a ZenFone with t..
Look out, Lenovo; there’s a new Google Tango phone in town. Qualcomm has prematurely revealed the Asus ZenFone AR, which boats the same room-mapping augmented reality Tango technol..
(Photo : David Becker/ Getty Images News) LAS VEGAS, NV - JANUARY 03: The Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor (C) is displayed next to the Snapdragon 820 processsor and a penny durin..
Qualcomm inadvertently revealed Asus' new Tango smartphone on Monday when it posted a press release early ahead of its announcement at CES 2017. Following Qualcomm's slip up, Twitt..
Asus will start its launch event for Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 tomorrow. The Taiwanese tech giant is anticipated to unveil a smartphone powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 83..
(Photo : Mike Flokis/GettyImages) Asus MD Ted Chen speaks at the Calvin Klein Jeans Winter Collection at the ASUS Green Collection Launch at the Overseas Passenger Terminal on Nove..
(Photo : Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Windows 10) Comedian Ike Barinholtz uses Windows 10 and Cortana to search for his upcoming film 'Sisters' at the Microsoft Flagship Store on Fif..
CES 2017 has become an avenue for new products. In fact, it has become the landing zone of FLIR action camera, the world's first action camera with thermal imaging support. A perfe..