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See John Malkovich Pursue Fashion Career in Meta-Filled Short Film

Tue Jan 03 07:17:57 EST 2017 | Rolling Stone
John Malkovich pursues his lifelong passion for fashion in John's Journey, a short film about the Oscar-nominated actor's metamorphosis into clothing designer. "I'm always a figure in someone else's dream. I'd really rather sometimes make my own figures and make my own dreams," Malkovich says of the endeavor. "I never made my life about what other people thought of me or what I should or shouldn't do." In the short film, shot to look like a movie trailer, Malkovich is shown on movie shoots ..


Many of his fans might not know that Academy Award nominee John Malkovich actually got his start as a costume designer. Now, Malkovich is taking up a career in fashion design again..
John Malkovich pursues his lifelong passion for fashion in John's Journey, a short film about the Oscar-nominated actor's metamorphosis into clothing designer. "I'm always a f..
Hollywood's bloated franchise obsession is running thin, but Disney's live-action reboots of its animated classics keep getting better. 2016 brought us "The Jungle Book" and "..
Buying men’s clothes, particularly online, can be something of a gamble, with designer brands varying so widely in size and cut, you can never be certain they will fit celebrated a..
If you’re still in a holidaze and having difficulty focusing at your desk right now, prepare for a shock that will pull you right out of your funk — John Malkovich (yes, that ..
EXCLUSIVE: There isn’t a premiere date yet for Showtime’s new Twin Peaks series but the David Lynch directed project may be making an appearance at the Sundance Film Festival. Whil..
There's still no word on when David Lynch's Twin Peaks revival will premiere on Showtime, but according to Deadline, there's a chance that it might get a surprise screening at the ..
While we’re all excited to see the return of “Twin Peaks,” it looks as though it (unfortunately) isn’t going to be a little while longer before we see something from the project — ..
A pained frown raced along Matthew Morrison’s brow. This wasn’t the terrorized expression of horror we recall from the hit TV show “Glee” when his Mr. Schuester was under attack by..
While 2016 had it’s good times (i.e. Donald Trump upsetting Hillary Clinton, the Cleveland Cavaliers and Chicago Cubs winning championships, etc.), it was a horrendous year for jus..
2016 is ending, and people are celebrating (or recoiling from) the year that was. While it’s tempting to go out with a big bash, some folks may prefer to stay home and just watch T..
This image released by Twentieth Century Fox shows Taraji P. Henson, background left, Octavia Spencer, center, and Janelle Monae, background right, in a scene from "Hidden Figures...
Unlike movies, which are often scheduled years in advance (only three more years until “Untitled Warner Bros. Event Film”!), television show premiere dates aren’t made public until..
With two points against the Nashville Predators, Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane reached the 700-point plateau Thursday. After picking up an assist on Jonathan Toews' sixth..
Paris-based jewelry designer Léa Stein has a rabid cult following—particularly in the United States, Australia, the U.K., and Japan—and a mysterious past. Stein has been creating e..
As we have talked about many times since Rogue One: A Star Wars Story came out last month, there is a bit of incongruity between the finished cut of the film and its marketing mate..
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Standing inside a guest room that's been completely stripped down to the cinder-block walls and concrete floor, Sam Sealy, wearing a hard hat, yells over the din of a jackhammer an..
Actor/director John Malkovich is venturing further into fashion design and has sprung two complete collections on us. Lest we judge this as a superficial pursuit, Malkovich has lau..
The premiere date for Showtime's Twin Peaks may have -- but probably has not -- been revealed, and the corners of the internet that get excited about those kinds of thing..
Though an appearance at Sundance is unlikely, the Twin Peaks revival could arrive before summer. After digging through the show’s Reddit archives, the dedicated fans and writers at..
The score for Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me is set to be re-issued on vinyl later this year. The David Lynch-directed film was released in 1992, and was widely expected to tie up t..
We already know some of the reasons why 2017 is going to be a big year for TV, and one of the year's most complex offerings will no doubt be Showtime's upcoming revival of Twin Pea..
The past 20 years of Sheila Clark’s life has been stuffed into a small mailbox about a mile and a half away from Sunset Beach’s nearest parking space. Stories of Clark’s son, her d..
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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Cleveland is proud of its Rust Belt roots and history steeped in making things. This year, instead of profiling smart creatives or top CEOs, we decided to featur..
John Carpenter has always been fairly outspoken when it comes to his films and how they’re viewed in the years since their release. He’s fought over them in court, claiming victory..
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Our reviewers weigh in with lists of under-seen movies from 2016, as well as trends they’d like to see more and less of. “Too Late”: This unique, neo-noirish mystery, which un..
ANKARA (Reuters) - Turkey arrested fashion designer Barbaros Sansal on charges of inciting hatred on social media, a day after he was attacked by baggage handlers at Istanbul's mai..
Keith Urban paid respect to many of the great musicians who passed away in 2016 during his Music City Midnight New Year's Eve performance in Nashville Saturday night (Dec. 31)..
Funko has revealed their upcoming line of Pop! products figures based on the new Power Rangers movie. Black Ranger Zack, Pink Ranger Kimberly, Blue Ranger Bily, Yellow Ranger Trini..