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iOS 10.3 Beta Release Leaked: Firmware Available Jan. 10, Brings 'Theatre Mode' And Exciting Features [VIDEO] : Tech : Enstarz‎

Tue Jan 03 04:42:58 EST 2017 | ENSTARZ
Apple has been working hard with providing security to its patrons; as a matter of fact, it is slated to release the beta version of iOS 10.3 on January 10. The said firmware upgrade is reported to bring enhancement and new features like 'Theatre Mode' to eligible iOS devices.  Apple Inc. has been anticipated to start working on iOS 10.3. This will be a new firmware upgrade which is expected to deliver more bugs and fixes that iOS 10.2 was unable to cover. That is comprised of the celebrate..


Apple has been working hard with providing security to its patrons; as a matter of fact, it is slated to release the beta version of iOS 10.3 on January 10. The said firmware upgra..
Apple is scheduled to start seeding its iOS 10.3 on Jan. 10. This information has been announced to Twitter by famed-Apple leaker Sonny Dickson in the early morning of Dec. 31. Acc..
It seems that Apple is working on a new "Theater" mode for iOS devices that iPhone owners can enable when watching a movie at the local cinema. That is our assumption, anyway, foll..
  By Mikey Campbell Friday, December 30, 2016, 03:34 pm PT (06:34 pm ET) A highly questionable rumor on Friday claims Apple is preparing the first beta release of iOS 10.3, th..
Apple is reportedly gearing up to release iOS 10.3.1 beta in January and it could include an intriguing "Theater" mode, according to a new leak. The beta update could be focused on..
There are two kinds of people in this world: People who put their phones away while watching a movie in a movie theater, and people who are rude. (Do whatever you want at home, we ..
(Photo : Getty Images/Justin Sullivan) An attendee inspects new iPad Air 2 during an Apple special event on October 16, 2014 in Cupertino, California. Apple unveiled the new iPad A..
In a pair of tweets my good friend and famed Apple leaker Sonny Dickson revealed once again he has his finger on the pulse as he revealed iOS 10.3 will begin testing on January 10t..
Recent reports are claiming that Apple is preparing to release iOS 10.3.1 beta to some users. Speculations are rife about the upcoming software update and the most notable one is a..
According to Tweets posted by Australian leaker Sonny Dickson, Apple's Jan. 10 iOS 10.3 beta release might include a "Theater mode" for texting during movies. The feature reportedl..
Apple seems to be pushing out the iOS 10 updates at breakneck speed. The Cupertino company released the iOS 10.2 only recently. Now noted leaker Sonny Dickson has learned from his ..
Jan 04, 2017 07:30 AM EST By Marj Sen, UniversityHerald Reporter LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 29: The Apple logo is displayed outside company's Regent Street store on September 29, ..
Apple‘s iPhone was treated to the release of iOS 10.2 just a few weeks ago, including things like the new TV app and many new emoji. Beyond minor 10.2.x updates, we have no idea wh..
Apple may have just released iOS 10.2 just a few weeks ago, but iOS 10.3 already appears to be looming on the horizon. In a pair of tweets sent out over the weekend — which you mig..
A "leaker" who has released information on Apple products in the past is now reporting that the company is looking to update its phones with a potentially controversial feature. So..
The question of how to address texting in movie theaters is an unavoidable one. No amount of gravel-voiced rants about “common courtesy” will convince our nation’s tech-obsessed&nb..
Going to the movies means keeping your phone in your pocket or risk upsetting your fellow theater goers. Apple is reportedly setting out to solve that problem with an upcoming upda..
Before 2016 bowed out completely, it wasn't done with one more "bombshell" of a rumor: Theater Mode in iOS 10.3. It made the rounds on the internet after a single tweet, with not m..
In late December, I finally saw Hamilton. I know, I know: finally may seem a little hyperbolic for a Broadway show in which tickets are still almost impossible to get. But, as a re..
Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. It’s very easy to set up, as it uses your phone number to verify your account, and it reads your address book to au..
A number of iPhone, iPod, and iPad users experienced battery draining issues after updating their devices to iOS 10. Five software updates later, the tech company still has not bee..
At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the Brooklyn-based kitchen appliance company Gourmia announced an extensive series of smart additions for its current lineup ..
Roku made its name as one of the first companies to offer streaming media players, and it still makes some of the best available, but for the past two years, it has also been partn..
Heads up, Google Pixel and Nexus owners, because some new security updates are now available. Google today posted its January 2017 Android Security Bulletin, which details the patc..
In June earlier this year, it was rumored that iOS 10 would introduce a “dark” mode to the operating system. Basically this would give the entire OS a darker theme which should be ..
Steppenwolf Theatre has added a new ensemble member, the storied acting ensemble's 47th name. The 2017 inductee is Audrey Francis, 37, a longtime Chicago actress who teaches at the..
Google Pixel and Pixel XL’s well-received camera could be allowing third-party apps to track each user individually. Google recently identified the security loophole on the smartph..
Watching movies through a headset is going to happen for all of us at some point in the near future. You might think it’ll be a VR headset, like Oculus, but chances are the portabl..
It wasn’t too long ago that loud-talkers and seat-kickers were the biggest annoyances moviegoers encountered at the cinema. Today they also have glowing blue smartphone screens to ..
Everyone likes apps, but sometimes the best ones are a bit expensive. Now and then, developers put paid apps on sale for free for a limited time, but you have to snatch them up whi..
Just as owners of LG’s B6 TVs were starting to fear that LG would never find a way of introducing an HDR Game mode to their beloved OLED sets, the Korean brand has managed to do it..
Photosets’ in-app camera is intended for wide color motion photography and motion photoshoot applications, and produces wide color motion photosets. Available on: Castaway is a min..
Modern technology has all but rendered physical darkrooms irrelevant. Instead of dodging and burning light onto photographic paper using a round piece of cardboard taped to a spare..
A feature of the Apple Watch is the digital crown on the side of the device. Traditional watches have a similar crown that allows them to adjust the date and time, but in the Apple..
If you’ve fallen victim to yet another, iOS text message app bug, it’s an experience which unfortunately isn’t new. For the most part, this latest bug and the previous have be..