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Stan Lee Regrets Not Being Greedier

Thu Jul 21 11:03:11 EDT 2016 | Comic Book
Imagine a world without Stan Lee. For just a few seconds, try to envision the world that would’ve came to be if Stan Lee hadn’t been around to help create some of the world’s most recognizable heroes. Whether we like it or not, the legendary writer has done much to brand Marvel Comics as a bonafide pop culture juggernaut since Stan first joined the publisher (then called Timely Comics) at only 17-years-old. Now, at age 93, Stan has taken time to speak with The Hollywood ..


Imagine a world without Stan Lee. For just a few seconds, try to envision the world that would’ve came to be if Stan Lee hadn’t been around to help create some of the world’s ..
After 75  years in the business, the 93-year-old comic book legend still is churning out superheroes — like his new Cosmic Crusaders — and continues to cast a hulking shadow over p..
After 75  years in the business, the 93-year-old comic book legend still is churning out superheroes — like his new Cosmic Crusaders — and continues to cast a hulking shadow over p..
San Diego Comic-Con will soon be crawling with dozens of characters created by Stan Lee, but ahead of the convention, the comic book legend is unveiling his latest creation. The fi..
The Marvel movies contain plenty of jokes about how old Captain America is, but 75? That's old. The patriotic Marvel Comics hero celebrates his 75th anniversary this year, having b..
Stan Lee will always be best remembered as the writer who created many of Marvel's most famous heroes and villains, but it recent years, he's been branching off beyond the House of..
Professional conceptual artist Michael Meyers (Superman, Green Lantern) has updated his official website with concept art he created for Marvel's most recent blockbuster, Captain A..
Joe and Anthony Russo's superhero blockbuster Captain America: Civil War had a ton of characters on opposite sides of a growing conflict. But it could have had more. Civil War co-w..
LAS VEGAS -- Team USA's journey to the Olympics starts Friday when they will play Argentina in a friendly, in which they will most likely win their 64th consecutive game. It has no..
"Hey guys, you ever see that really old movie, Empire Strikes Back?" This one happens to be keyframe art capturing the moment in which Spider-Man (played by Tom Holland) battled a ..
Stan Lee has unveiled his latest creation, Nitron, a new superhero character franchise with film, television, and digital aspirations. Lee is partnering with Keya Morgan and Michae..
If I had a dollar for every Walking Dead character that creator Robert Kirkman sentenced to death, I'd probably be able to buy a season of the show on Blu-ray and one of the comic ..
On the heels of Pokemon Go fever, Legendary has closed a deal for the film rights for the iconic Japanese property. Legendary and The Pokemon Co. on Wednesday announced that t..
Who wouldn't want to spend Friday afternoon with Stan Lee on a yacht at San Diego Comic-Con? Even if you're far from the convention center, you can join at 2:30 p.m. PT Friday as t..
For those of you heading to San Diego Comic-Con this week (July 21-July 24), make sure to visit the Mondo booth (#835) in order to get your hands on their latest creations, in..
In the last published issue of Way of the Rat, there's a storyline in which the comic book's thieving heroes — Boon Sai Hong and his talking monkey, Po Po — are trapped in a cave o..
Marvel There's going to be a new, 13-foot-tall, one-ton bronze statue of Captain America in Brooklyn to celebrate the Marvel superhero's 75th anniversary and his birthplace. Except..
Assets held by Red Granite co-founder Riza Aziz and close associate Jho Low are expected to be cited in a major civil lawsuit being filed Wednesday by the Department of Justice, li..
Being too heavy may cost you your life - literally. Scientists say overweight people die one year earlier than expected and that moderately obese people die up to three years prema..
Despite spawning a hit TV show and appearances in DC Comics’ Teen Titans series, I have no idea when I’ll be getting a new Static series. Because the universe is cruel and uncaring..
SAN DIEGO — Nobody likes to see loved ones fight, unless those loved ones are groups of superheroes. Because that is definitely a thing right now. Next up in the history of Marvel'..
Nov 30, 2013; Lawrence, KS, USA; Kansas State Wildcats head coach Bill Snyder on the sidelines against the Kansas Jayhawks in the first half at Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: ..
Gillette, the largest U.S. razor brand, has advertised its blades as cutting-edge technology with images of fighter jets and names such as Mach and Fusion. Dollar Shave Club, ..
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump arrives to introduce his wife Melania during the Republican National Convention, Monday, July 18, 2016, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/Evan ..
When you consider all of the things Garry Marshall did well as a writer and director and actor, it's notable that perhaps Garry Marshall was best as a raconteur. When you've create..
With Captain America having turned to the dark side, it's clear that the U.S. needs a new hero to look up to — and, luckily enough, she's just about to arrive. Introducing America ..
Never judge a hero by their size. I mean, even Yoda himself scolded Luke Skywalker for making assumptions about the wise Jedi’s small stature. And, if Team Iron Man had b..
Today, thousands upon thousands of fanboys and fangirls will flock toward Southern California as San Diego Comic-Con kicks off. 39 years ago today, the then-much smaller convention..
Today, Marvel unveiled a one-of-a-kind Captain America statue, created in partnership with Comicave Studios, to be displayed at the Marvel booth (#2329) at Comic-Con International:..
Before Fabian Nicieza helped revolutionize comics as the co-creator of Deadpool, he was a 20-something kid who'd just landed a job at Marvel. One of his first assignments? Intervie..
Getting to spend one-on-one time with Stan Lee is the Holy Grail for any comic book fan. Now, thanks to the Hindsight VR app and the new animated series Stan Lee's Cosmic Crus..
Netflix continues its plans for multiple Marvel TV series, as the TV network revealed new clips and information about upcoming series “Luke Cage,” “Iron Fist,” and “The Defenders” ..
Will Beall is going back into the ocean. The Gangster Squad scribe is once again writing Aquaman, Warner Bros.’ feature project based on the iconic DC Comics character. This time h..
Suddenly one of the hottest hitters in all of baseball, Los Angeles Angels designated hitter Albert Pujols recorded his 54th career multi-homer game in Tuesday's 8-6 win over the f..
Russia regrets the Court of Arbitration for Sport’s latest rejection of 68 Russian athletes’ appeal against the international federation’s ban from Rio Olympics, Kremlin spokesman ..