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Stan Lee Reflects on His Successes and Regrets: "I Should Have Been Greedier"

Thu Jul 21 08:02:45 EDT 2016 | The Hollywood Reporter
After 75  years in the business, the 93-year-old comic book legend still is churning out superheroes — like his new Cosmic Crusaders — and continues to cast a hulking shadow over pop culture even though he failed to cash in big on Marvel's many sales and movie adaptations. After 75 years in the comic book business, Stan Lee has picked up his fair share of souvenirs. His handsomely shabby office in Beverly Hills is cluttered with cool superhero swag. There's a vintage Spider-Man pinball machine i..


"Hey guys, you ever see that really old movie, Empire Strikes Back?" This one happens to be keyframe art capturing the moment in which Spider-Man (played by Tom Holland) battled a ..
San Diego Comic-Con will soon be crawling with dozens of characters created by Stan Lee, but ahead of the convention, the comic book legend is unveiling his latest creation. The fi..
Before Fabian Nicieza helped revolutionize comics as the co-creator of Deadpool, he was a 20-something kid who'd just landed a job at Marvel. One of his first assignments? Intervie..
Word to the wise: Never trust seven aliens to clean your home. In "Good Housekeeping," the latest episode of Stan Lee's Cosmic Crusaders, the team of would-be superheroes atte..
Never judge a hero by their size. I mean, even Yoda himself scolded Luke Skywalker for making assumptions about the wise Jedi’s small stature. And, if Team Iron Man had b..
The Marvel movies contain plenty of jokes about how old Captain America is, but 75? That's old. The patriotic Marvel Comics hero celebrates his 75th anniversary this year, having b..
"A Really Long Story," the latest chapter in the new series from Stan Lee, picks up as our seven alien protagonists get their choice of superhero costumes. (Except for Strong Arm, ..
Marvel There's going to be a new, 13-foot-tall, one-ton bronze statue of Captain America in Brooklyn to celebrate the Marvel superhero's 75th anniversary and his birthplace. Except..
Professional conceptual artist Michael Meyers (Superman, Green Lantern) has updated his official website with concept art he created for Marvel's most recent blockbuster, Captain A..
It may seem difficult to believe, but a little more than 15 years ago, Hollywood’s current movie king, Walt Disney Studios, was at something of a crossroads. The '90s had marked a ..
Today, Marvel unveiled a one-of-a-kind Captain America statue, created in partnership with Comicave Studios, to be displayed at the Marvel booth (#2329) at Comic-Con International:..
Captain America — the brand, that is, as the hero man isn't a real person — turns 75 in 2016, and to help celebrate Marvel commissioned Comicave Studios to erect a statue that will..
“Whoa. You’re Captain America.” Scott Lang’s hilarious awe of Steve Rogers in Captain America: Civil War goes both ways later this week at Comic-Con, as each superhero is getting a..
For those of you heading to San Diego Comic-Con this week (July 21-July 24), make sure to visit the Mondo booth (#835) in order to get your hands on their latest creations, in..
Hasbro has brought its Marvel Legends line of collectible action figures to Comic-Con International: San Diego in full force. At a breakfast this morning, Hasbro revealed some new ..
Stan Lee will always be best remembered as the writer who created many of Marvel's most famous heroes and villains, but it recent years, he's been branching off beyond the House of..
Spider-Man fans can certainly have their pick of action figures and statues, and after the character's appearance in Captain America: Civil War, that's increased even further...
Listen up, tokers, tweakers, coke heads, --- heads, pot heads, pill poppers, and recreational users. This list is for you. Doing drugs may not always be a wise choice in real life..
Stan Lee has unveiled his latest creation, Nitron, a new superhero character franchise with film, television, and digital aspirations. Lee is partnering with Keya Morgan and Michae..
The Cosmic Crusaders are battling on — but they're still not quite superheroes. The third episode of Stan Lee's Cosmic Crusaders is here, and once again, the team has a l..
On Thursday, after the San Diego Comic-Con panel featuring Marvel's Netflix shows concluded, the first teaser poster for Marvel's Iron Fist was unveiled. Also, a sizzle reel for Ir..
Getting to spend one-on-one time with Stan Lee is the Holy Grail for any comic book fan. Now, thanks to the Hindsight VR app and the new animated series Stan Lee's Cosmic Crus..
Professional footballer and L.A. Galaxy captain Robbie Keane and his wife, former Miss Ireland Claudine Keane, have leased a home in Beverly Hills for $27,000 a month. Sitting on m..
By One of the first panel’s of the day on Friday at San Diego Comic Con 2016, which has proved a popular panel, with the large room filling up well before the panel start time. Eve..
San Diego Comic-Con is officially in full swing. Thousands of cosplayers, fans and creators are gathering on the big blue showroom floor to examine exclusive convention trinkets, p..
The Book Stop.WTA Architecture and Design Studio Libraries are often monolithic buildings filled with extensive collections. But a new outdoor micro-library in the P..
Guy Ritchie may be the best thing to happen to medieval times since “Game of Thrones.” The director’s vision of “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword” was presented to San Diego Comic-..
At this point in the game, music icon and living legend can invite anyone he wants up to the stage. At this stage of his career, Patriots tight end and human fist-bump uses New Eng..
You may have collector’s edition figures for games like God of War and Assassin’s Creed prominently displayed on your shelves, perhaps ready to destroy their next target ..
These days, it seems impossible to avoid spoilers. Between technology and paparazzi pics, fans can be a click away from spoiling shows or films for themselves (and maybe others). L..
As David Sibelius boils the lobsters for the annual dinner he hosts for his graduate students at the Boston Institute of Technology, his 12-year-old daughter, Ada, observes him wit..
A Hollywood Hills West residence where leading man Errol Flynn once made his home has sold for $3.875 million. Sitting up from the road in the desirable Bird Streets area, the 1920..
The Ghostbusters Abby (Melissa McCarthy), Holtzmann (Kate McKinnon), Erin (Kristen Wiig), and Patty (Leslie Jones) inside the Mercado Hotel Lobby, in Columbia Pictures' Ghostbuster..
Ever since the premiere of Daredevil in April of 2015, Marvel has been building an empire of comic series on Netflix. Daredevil and Jessica Jones have already secured themselves as..
The king of comic books just keeps chugging along. Stan Lee, the man behind some of the most popular comics in history, today announced he’s introducing a new character, Nitron wit..