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Stan Lee Is Already Planning To Bring A Brand New Superhero To The Big Screen

Wed Jul 20 14:03:40 EDT 2016 | CINEMABLEND
Stan Lee will always be best remembered as the writer who created many of Marvel's most famous heroes and villains, but it recent years, he's been branching off beyond the House of Ideas. His new projects have ranged from creating the Indian hero Chakra the Invincible to helping make he British series Lucky Man. Now with San Diego Comic-Con almost ready to kick off, it's been announced that Lee already has another superhero project called Nitron in development, which will have a big future on bo..


On the eve of Comic-Con, iconic creator Stan Lee has unveiled “Nitron” as a new comic-book character franchise aimed at feature films, TV and digital platforms. Lee, the creator of..
The king of comic books just keeps chugging along. Stan Lee, the man behind some of the most popular comics in history, today announced he’s introducing a new character, Nitron wit..
It's the biggest pop culture event of the year and is covering the show from all angles. There is a lot going on at the four-day fandom celebration, and a lot of..
Getting to spend one-on-one time with Stan Lee is the Holy Grail for any comic book fan. Now, thanks to the Hindsight VR app and the new animated series Stan Lee's Cosmic Crus..
Marvel Television and Netflix have revealed the new key art poster for Marvel’s Luke Cage. The poster was designed and created by famed artist and Marvel chief creative officer Joe..
Thursday proved to be a marvelous day for Marvel fans at San Diego Comic-Con for surprises rolled out in droves. Major updates were unveiled about the superheroes and what they wil..
Stan Lee will always be best remembered as the writer who created many of Marvel's most famous heroes and villains, but it recent years, he's been branching off beyond the House of..
This weekend is San Diego Comic-Con, and you know what that means: tons and tons of teasers and announcements for your favorite comic book and comic book-based properties. Marvel a..
Here we are ladies and gentlemen, the final big panel of Thursday at Comic Con International. We're seated in Ballroom 20 waiting to see Mike Colter & co take the stage. K..
Stan Lee has unveiled his latest creation, Nitron, a new superhero character franchise with film, television, and digital aspirations. Lee is partnering with Keya Morgan and Michae..
The San Diego Comic-Con 2016 has gotten off to a great start and the coming two days are also going to be sheer fun. Lots of action is lined up but for fans of 'Supernatural,' July..
By One of the first panel’s of the day on Friday at San Diego Comic Con 2016, which has proved a popular panel, with the large room filling up well before the panel start time. Eve..
San Diego Comic-Con kicks off today—the world’s biggest gathering of comics fans, movie buffs, gamers and geeks of all stripes. There are sneak previews of blockbuster movies and T..
As Donald Trump whips up Republicans to a fever pitch in Cleveland, and the Democrats tee up for their rejoinder next week in Philadelphia, a very different, though no less im..
© Reuters. Actress Julia Roberts, star of the new comedy film " Runaway Bride", poses with the film's director Garry Marshall at a party following the film's premiere in Los Angele..
Comic-Con International: San Diego 2016 held its annual preview night this evening, and is on the floor seeing what there is to see, and there is plenty. We’ve taken ..
By Jeremy Konrad One of the companies that as of late rising the ranks again in the collectible market would be DC Comics in house company DC Collectibles. While still suffering fr..
Costume designer Karyn Wagner was browsing in a comic-book store when she stumbled upon “Preacher,” the popular 1990s graphic-novel series by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon. Smi..
The Diamond Retailer Lunch Meeting is underway as San Diego Comic-Con. Where retailers from across the world gather to talk with publishers, distributors and pick up swag! And Hilt..
Editor’s note: Most Comic-Con menus and cocktails are available from Thursday through Sunday. Bake Sale Bakery’s sweet and savory treats will include Wookie Cookies (chewy coconut ..
In competitive situation with multiple bidders, Michael London’s Groundswell Productions (The Magicians) has optioned the Black Magick comic book series from New York Tim..
Comic-Con is here! More than 100,000 genre entertainment enthusiasts, creators, cosplayers and more will descend on San Diego this week for the annual pop culture expo. But wi..
Hasbro and Lionsgate have signed Sia for the animated movie “My Little Pony: The Movie” in the voice cast as pony pop star Songbird Serenade. Sia will also contribute two new origi..
The Teen Wolf season 6 trailer is finally here. Giving us one of our first and last looks at our favorite show about teen werewolves. Fans have been long anticipating season 6 sinc..
Today, thousands upon thousands of fanboys and fangirls will flock toward Southern California as San Diego Comic-Con kicks off. 39 years ago today, the then-much smaller convention..
Nickelodeon unveiled character designs for the upcoming "Hey Arnold!" movie at Comic-Con on Thursday, to the delight of '90s kids everywhere. The animated series that ran on Nickel..
Gangster Squad scriptwriter Will Beall is returning to the Aquaman movie. THR is reporting that Beall has returned to the script, this time writing it base..
There’s a new a virtual reality app named Hindsight VR that currently allows people to “join” Stan Lee at Comic-Con, no matter where they happen to be. It’s all fine and dandy, but..
Despite spawning a hit TV show and appearances in DC Comics’ Teen Titans series, I have no idea when I’ll be getting a new Static series. Because the universe is cruel and uncaring..
The innovative and fresh ideas needed to tackle the world's biggest challenges will likely come from youth. That's why the World Bank Group and the Wharton School sponsor the Ideas..
"The Walking Dead" is one of the most talked-about TV shows at San Diego Comic-Con.AMC screencap More than 80 panels are dedicated to as many television shows at this year's San Di..
Lionsgate is planning to wrap up the “Divergent Series” with a television movie and a spinoff series, Variety has learned. Negotiations are in the early stages, but instead of havi..
ROUGH CUT (NO REPORTER NARRATION) STORY: A slew of super heroes, magic and King Arthur are just some of the bait that movie studios are using to entice fans at this year's San Dieg..
Comic-Con 2016 starts Wednesday, bringing comic geeks, movie critics, TV fans and, well, at this point, pretty much everyone together to experience an eclectic lineup of events and..
San Diego Comic-Con officially kicks off today, and while this convention has featured all kinds of movie genres in recent years, fans still look forward to the big news drops from..