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Ore. cops ticket driver for perpendicular parking smart car

Tue Mar 22 11:46:53 EDT 2016 | NY Daily News
That’s a dumb way to park your smart car. In a major parallel parking fail, an Oregon smart car driver opted to swoop in perpendicular to the curb instead. “Smart Car? It failed simple geometry. You can’t legally park perpendicular in a parallel spot,” the Newport Police Department said in a Facebook post. “Officer Lekas had to cite it for Improper Parking.” Even though the two-seater fit fine in the small spot, police said it violated parking laws by failing to have its wheels parallel and with..


That’s a dumb way to park your smart car. In a major parallel parking fail, an Oregon smart car driver opted to swoop in perpendicular to the curb instead. “Smart Car? It failed si..
In what Riverside police are calling "probably the easiest cannabis arrest" they've ever made, a Chicago woman has been accused of smoking pot in her car outside the police station..
Investigators walk near a car with a shattered window where an off-duty New Jersey police officer was found dead from gunshot wounds in his car in the parking lot of a closed movie..
RICHMOND HEIGHTS, Ohio Property damage, Ruth Ellen Drive: At least seven people reported March 21 their vehicles were damaged overnight while parked at Dorchester Village apartment..
Investigators examine a car that authorities say struck a Union County police officer as he was directing traffic in front of the Union County Prosecutor's Office on Rahway Avenue ..
San Francisco is a finalist in a contest sponsored by the United States government to improve the way people get around in cities. "Seventy-eight cities applied and there are seven..
Heavy snow hit the Front Range early Wednesday morning with commuters waking up to heavy, wet snow while children got to sleep in. The Colorado Department of Transportation sent ou..
WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is intensifying efforts to find and deport immigrants who were part of the 2014 surge of illegal crossings by unaccompanied children and famil..
A blizzard warning has been issued for Denver and surrounding areas to the east for much Wednesday as forecasters warned the metro area to brace for a potent, fast-moving storm. Up..
A $12 million roadway project along a nearly half-mile of South Broadway will bring some inconvenience to drivers over the next 20 months, but the city and some frequent travelers ..
Devin Clark was one of three people shot in a drive-by Feb. 28 outside the Iron Horse Bar in downtown Pueblo. Two security guards suffered leg wounds and survived. Pueblo police on..
With electric and hybrid vehicles becoming more advanced, the latest green offerings from automotive market leaders are becoming the new must-haves for car enthusiasts. With electr..
There may soon be another self-driving vehicle on the road, and it’s not a car. A team of engineering students in India have come up with a driverless bicycle. Developed at the Ind..
Massive change is in store for the original terminus of Denver's first light-rail line as the city and developers make plans for a dense new urban neighborhood near Interstate 25 a..
CLEVELAND, Ohio - Parking can be difficult to find in downtown Cleveland, especially on weekdays and during major events, but options exist, say those who responded to a cleveland...
SAYREVILLE, N.J. -- An off-duty New Jersey police officer has been found dead from a gunshot wound in his car in the parking lot of a closed movie theater complex, reports CBS New ..
ncloutier"I'll tell thing that no Cabinet has ever had is a Secretary of the Future, and there are no plans at all for my grandchildren and my great grandchildren," the n..
A police officer in Greenville, S.C., was fatally shot Friday while serving a warrant, officials said, further increasing what has been a sharp rise in the number of law enforcemen..
12:24 PM ET It's not us. It's you. So goes the NFL's message to anyone who doesn't understand or accept its catch rule. After spending what an official said this week was an "exorb..
An account that appears to be managed by a man wanted for crimes in Linden responded to a Linden Police Facebook post asking for his arrest. Roderick Hill of Linden and Mobile..
Fifty crashes have been reported in the Denver metro area Friday morning including an overturned snowplow and two accidents causing minor injuries, according to Denver police. "Way..
FAIRVIEW PARK, Ohio -- Suspicious, West 212th Street: On March 8 a resident reported a tall, thin man was shining flashlights into cars. Officers found no one. Another resident sai..
Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder testifies before a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing in Washington, Thursday, March 17, 2016, to look into the circumstances surroun..
We are becoming more and more connected to the Internet and, by extension, to our smartphones. In practice, this usually means we often keep our eyes on or devices. But now where i..
JUPITER, Fla. -- Last year, when Major League Baseball began to discuss the idea of sending a team to Cuba for a spring training game, the Boston Red Sox let it be known they were ..
A St. Patrick's Day snowstorm brought up to 4 inches of snow to the Denver metro overnight Thursday and is expected to drop another 1 to 4 inches Friday, according to the National ..
Readers debate GMOs
-Science News
Foods containing genetically modified organisms have been on grocery store shelves for decades, with plenty of evidence that eating them is no more dangerous to health than eating ..
SAN FRANCISCO, March 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The "Smart City" movement is aimed at improving how governments increase quality of life by using technology to improve the efficiency..
Everyone loves the free samples, kitschy items, and affordable price points of SoCal grocer Trader Joe’s. The one thing that does spark ire about the chain is the small parking lot..
Facebook brings us all closer together — criminals and cops. Most suspects might run away from their wanted ads, but 31-year-old Roderick Hill feels differently. On Sunday morning,..
More than 100 protesters blocked the main entrance to Donald Trump's campaign rally here Saturday, chanting that he was a racist who was not welcome in their state. “Get the clown ..
Clinton on Thursday attended a fundraiser in Tennessee where she was receiving "checks from high-dollar donors who are bundling as much as $27,000," according to an email sent out ..
As a boy, I endured many paternal lectures on “conspicuous consumption” — buying stuff to “show off” rather than to get the best functional value of an item or service at the best ..
Jon Lewis, a 25-year veteran of the Newport Beach police force, took the reins of the department Tuesday after being sworn in as the city's 10th police chief. City Manager Dave Kif..
NEW YORK (Reuters) - A police officer was shot and killed while sitting in his personal vehicle on Monday morning near a defunct movie theater complex in the suburban New Jersey bo..