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“A disgrace” and “an absolute disgrace” are phrases that Donald Trump used to describe unverified opposition report published by Buzzfeed last night during his long-await..
During a panel discussion on CNN regarding President-elect Donald Trump’s first press conference since late July, chief national security correspondent Jim Sciutto provided a corre..
Fox News Channel’s politics editor Chris Stirewalt had some harsh criticisms of Buzzfeed after they decided to publish an unverified dossier on Donald Trump that alleged ..
International Business Times
President-elect Donald Trump called WikiLeaks "disgraceful" and said there should be a "death penalty" for the site's actions during a 2010 interview. Fast forw..
Chelsea Manning, the imprisoned former Army private behind the U.S. military’s largest leak in history, may see her sentence commuted by the end of Barack Obama’s tenure, a Justice..
Los Angeles Times
Russia scoffed Wednesday at unverified allegations that it had assembled compromising personal material on Donald Trump, deriding an uncorroborated dossier about the U.S. president..
Although a blockbuster new U.S. intelligence report concludes that Russian President Vladimir Putin sought to help Donald Trump win the presidency, it didn’t weigh in on whether Mo..
Yesterday evening Buzzfeed published an incendiary document alluded to in an earlier CNN scoop. The 35-page report, supposedly written by an ex-intelligence agent, alleged among ot..
Hot Air
Could Barack Obama set Wikileaks’ most infamous and prodigious source free in his final nine days as president? NBC News reports this morning that the outgoing president has B..
NY Daily News
U.S. intelligence agencies warned Donald Trump about claims Russian operatives held potential blackmail information against him involving alleged “perverted --- acts” during sta..
Slate Magazine
Our Own Worst Enemy
Slate Magazine
Rex Tillerson testifies during his confirmation hearing for secretary of state before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in Washington on Wednesday. Chris Kleponis/Getty Images..
The Blaze
Sarah Palin jumped into the contentious debate over the blockbuster reports that CNN and Buzzfeed dropped about Russian intelligence on President-elect Donald Trump. She cheered on..
Value Walk
World-famous Hollywood actress Meryl Streep recently made an earth-shattering discovery — one she shared with the rest of the world during her speech at the Golden Globes award cer..