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Tech Times
This early, Google's Tango is already proving to be quite useful even with the dearth of AR apps for the two devices currently supporting the platform. The company announced Jan. 9..
An Apple virtual reality gear seems far from Apple's focus at this point especially when rumors are mostly pointing to the way the Cupertino company is more interested in augmented..
Google's Tango tech is well-suited for indoor exhibitions, as it doesn't rely on GPS, inertial sensors or WiFi tracking. Rather, it uses Kinect-like computer vision to detect and t..
For all the hype around augmented reality, Google’s Tango technology hasn’t exactly set the world on fire. In fact, the second handset to support the tech – the ASUS ZenFone AR — w..
University Herald
The only two smartphones in the market right now that have Google's Tango technology are the Asus ZenFone AR and the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro. Because of that, it is a must to find out wh..