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The Verge
Lucid Motors is a small electric car startup based out of Menlo Park, Calif. that has big dreams for the future. But not that big. Unlike some of its peers (I’m looking at you, Far..
Detroit may be steeped in its automotive past, but the Motor City is not feeling all that nostalgic about its contributions to the car industry. In the past, the North American Int..
This year’s edition of the Consumer Electronics Show has wrapped up. The usual dazzling display of new TVs was there and as always, there were impractically wacky gadgets galore, m..
Here are some key highlights of the 2017 International Consumer Electronics Show, which concluded Sunday: Alexa everywhere Amazon's virtual assistant Alexa was the surprise star of..
The Huffington Post
LAS VEGAS -- Facebook is testing advertising inside its Facebook Live live broadcasting system, and is planning to grow the number of ads served this year. Facebook globa..
At the Consumer Electronics Show 2017, Faraday Future finally showed off a proper production version of its self-driving electric car. It’s unlike any other electric car on the mar..