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New Scientist
By Helen Thomson WE RAISE a glass to celebrate, sip wine to unwind, knock back a few beers while catching up with friends. Alcohol plays a central role in socialising in many cultu..
By Stephani Sutherland AS WE improve our understanding of chronic pain, there is a related problem that has researchers scratching their heads. The sensation of itch, which shares ..
By Bob Holmes LIFE isn’t easy as a Maasai herder on the Serengeti plain in eastern Africa. At any moment, disease could sweep through your livestock, the source of almost all your ..
ELECTRODES so thin they are barely there could make brain treatments safer. Wires are sometimes implanted in the brain to treat epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease by stimulating malf..
By Aviva Rutkin Why does drug development using animals need a rethink? I think we’ve got ourselves into a mess right now, with lab mice in particular. The benefits to humans, in c..
By Jon White WHILE baby boomers may be parsing the evidence to see if an evening glass of wine could be good for them, young adults are quietly turning away from alcohol. Sure, a h..
By Aisling Irwin Foxes are enjoying city living even more than we thought. The number of red foxes in urban areas of England appears to have soared almost fivefold. The rise from a..
By Alice Klein A FAST test for genetic disorders means women could learn about the future health of their baby as early as 6 weeks into pregnancy. The test for single-gene disorder..
Health Canal
A new Yale study suggests that patients with a common form of lung cancer may still benefit from delayed chemotherapy started up to four months after surgery, according to the rese..
Perceptions changing despite unclear research consensus on the devices The perception that e-cigarettes are less harmful than regular cigarettes fell between 2012 and 2014, a sign ..
USC researchers study the use of non-invasive electrical stimulation to improve mobility BY John Hobbs ould electricity help stroke survivors regain control of their legs and retur..
University of Maryland School of Medicine Scientists Identify Seven Proteins as Likely Suspects Until it burst onto the scene earlier this year, Zika was an obscure, little-known v..
Tech Times
Shortly before Christmas, labs across the United States have started to see more positive flu tests, which have signaled the start of the flu season. Some of the most common s..
Cannabis use for medical reasons has already been legalized in many states, but there is still no consensus among people as to its medical benefits. While the conversation abo..
An individual's chronological age does not necessarily define his overall health and risk for developing diseases associated with age. As people age differently from one anoth..
Beijing is getting smothered in smog. Foreign media are quick to call it the “airpocalypse,” or days-long episodes of air pollution that paint the skies with unusual hues and shrou..
Medical News Today
Antioxidants are believed to prevent some chronic illnesses - such as cardiovascular disease and cancer - due to their ability to protect against cell damage. New research suggests..
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a disorder of the lungs that makes it difficult to breathe. Its main cause is smoking, but it can also be caused by exposure to pollution, ..
Zinc is an essential mineral that supports human growth and development, as well as helps to keep the body's immune system healthy. New research suggests that even a small increase..
BERLIN German kidney dialysis provider Fresenius Medical Care (FMC) said it is challenging a U.S. move to end assistance to patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) that it sai..
BERLIN/NEW YORK German's Fresenius Medical Care and U.S. rival DaVita Inc said they had both received subpoenas from federal prosecutors investigating their ties with a charity tha..
BERLIN/NEW YORK German's Fresenius Medical Care and U.S. rival DaVita Inc said they had both received subpoenas from federal prosecutors investigating their ties with a charity tha..
Atlanta Black Star
Germany is facing a court case in the U.S. and demands for reparations over a forgotten genocide in Africa that is seen as a precursor to the Holocaust. Representatives of the Here..
Coca-Cola and its trade group American Beverage Association are being sued by a nonprofit over allegations they have tricked the public into thinking the sugary soda doesn’t n..
Immortal News
People who live close to busy roads are at a higher risk for contracting dementia, new research suggests. In fact, as many as 11% of dementia cases in people who live within 50 met..
A new research suggests that eating Mediterranean foods could help to slow the process of brain shrinking in later life and prevent cognitive decline, reports the Los Angeles Times..
Living with a chronic illness often means being stuck inside for long periods of time. Whether a person is healing from medical procedures, living with a suppressed immune system o..
There's no doubt that Bright Lights — HBO's heartfelt and hilarious documentary on the singular relationship between Debbie Reynolds and her daughter Carrie Fisher — takes on speci..
Doctors have urged patients suffering from a hacking cough to stop asking for antibiotics – because they just won’t help. Hundreds of thousands of people have been struck..
A female charity worker who campaigned to improve women’s literacy in Yemen has been killed in a drive-by shooting. Amat al-Aleem al-Asbahi was shot dead in central Taiz on Decembe..
TRENTON -- A south Jersey man injured on the job at a lumber company will have his medical marijuana tab paid by his employer's workers compensation insurance, according to a state..
SECAUCUS -- Over the past week, 8-year-old Joe Maldonado and his mother, Kristie, have been sent to the forefront of the national debate over transgender rights. But even they..
Dr. William W. Lander, 92, of Villanova, a mainstay of the medical community on Philadelphia's Main Line for more than a half century, died Friday, Jan. 6, of cardiovascular diseas..
Dr. William W. Lander, 92, of Villanova, a mainstay of the medical community on Philadelphia's Main Line for more than a half century, died Friday, Jan. 6, of cardiovascular diseas..
Today I braved multiple terrifying surgeries. The most important of which being the surgery that would hopefully treat my endometriosis. For those of you who have followed this bat..
NYPD captain Peter Rose has angered rape advocates after saying "acquaintance rape" cases are not as serious as rapes committed by strangers. DNAinfo reported that reports of --- a..
That doesn’t mean concern over Zika is over, but now that a link between Zika and microcephaly has been established, it is viewed as a long-term problem, which requires constant at..
If I told you in 2015 that Donald Trump would win the presidency and Michael Moore would be the one person on the left to get it all right, you’d have told me I was nuts. Whil..
The Huffington Post
Using language that is typically reserved for pharmaceutical trials, researcher Anna Nyberg of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm said, "This is the first study to provide evide..
Leading CTE Expert Speaks Out
The Huffington Post
Ann McKee, M.D., is a neuropathologist who specializes in neurodegenerative disease, including chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), at Boston University School of Medicine. She ..
The Seattle Times
The week’s passages
The Seattle Times
Alan Sugiyama, 67, a prominent Seattle activist who founded the Center for Career Alternatives, served as the first Asian-American member of the Seattle School Board and led the Ex..
Not long after The Foundation for AIDS Research learned it was among the organizations in Ric Weiland’s extraordinary $170 million bequest, news broke that a man had been cured of ..
USA Today
So, you've been unlucky enough to get the flu this winter. Don't let the flu put you on your back. Here are five things you can do to ease the flu and put you back on your feet as ..
The 60-year-old Star Wars star and her mother, actress Debbie Reynolds, 84, were laid to rest together Friday at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in the Hollywood Hills. USA TODAY NET..
University Herald
Zombie apocalypse has been one of the most popular theme in today's film not knowing that the product of fiction could possibly become a reality. The recent science study reveals t..
Scientists have officially classified a new digestive organ in the human body. Apparently, it has been hiding just beside our stomachs and colons for centuries. According to Scienc..
BOULDER, Colo. – It’s been nearly 10 years since Jake Plummer retired from football. He still experiences soreness and pain from his neck and shoulders to the soles of his feet. It..
ABC News
Halsey wants fans to know she's doing OK after undergoing several surgeries to treat endometriosis. The "New Americana" singer, whose birth name is Ashley Frangipane, shared a phot..
Suddenly it was 1964 again and United States Air Force Brigadier General Jack D. Ripper had just ordered a first strike nuclear attack on the Soviet Union because the international..