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american red cross
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Los Angeles Times
Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport reopened before dawn Saturday while Terminal 2, where Friday's fatal shootings took place, has partially reopened. Terminal 2 remain..
Happy New Year, Los Angelistas! I’m Carolina A. Miranda, staff writer for the Los Angeles Times, with reports on everything from composer Terry Riley at MOCA to the drama of G..
ABC News
Henry Red Cloud knelt down on the snow-packed ground at the Standing Rock Reservation in Cannon Ball, North Dakota. He didn’t seem to mind the frigid cold as he used his bare hands..
A rash of house fires happened late Friday and early Saturday morning as the Houston area was draped by below-freezing temperatures. Four units caught fire just after 8 p.m. Friday..
International Business Times
If a first of its kind scientific prediction turns out to be right, not just astronomers but everyone on Earth will be able to witness an unusual and fascinating celestial event ab..
Miami Herald
8:52 A.M. Gov. Rick Scott spoke Saturday to assure the public that Florida's tourism industry will thrive despite fears of safety and visitors stranded or delayed in the aftermath ..
Tech Times
In five years, a binary star system will merge and explode, predicted researchers from Calvin College, Apache Point Observatory, and the University of Wyoming. Calvin College'..
The Huffington Post
The Mexican wine industry is simultaneously the birthplace of North American wine and its newest frontier. It boasts the oldest winery in the New World and it is one of the largest..