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USA Today
George Kosana, who played the beefy Sheriff McClelland in the 1968 cult zombie film, Night of the Living Dead, has died. He was 81. Longtime friend John Russo said Kosana was ..
Tributes to Carrie Fisher have been flooding the world since she died at the end of December, from friends, family and fans. Her Star Wars: The Force Awakens co-star Adam..
The Good Place NBC, 8:30 ET/PT Good heads into its home stretch in its best shape yet. Eleanor’s secret is now out, which means that instead of lying to her friends, she’s rel..
The Young Pope is a show starring Jude Law and Diane Keaton, premiering on HBO Jan. 15. The show follows Law as the first American pope in history, and also a very, very young..
Lethal Weapon Fox, 8 ET/PT Having waded into the deep conspiracy waters surrounding the death of Riggs’ wife in its fall finale, this entertaining movie adaptation returns to firme..
Question: Where does my bag go when I check it? Answer: From the time a bag is checked in, a series of belts and carts transport it to the waiting airplane. If your airplane is a l..
To paraphrase first lady Michelle Obama, when the old Celebrity Apprentice boss goes low, the new one goes high. After President-elect Donald Trump mocked successor Arnold Schwarze..
NEW DELHI — Noted Indian character actor Om Puri has died in the western city of Mumbai. He was 66. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and a host of leading movie stars tweet..
The Underground Railroad (Doubleday), Colson Whitehead’s gloriously inventive novel about slavery, kept picking up steam as 2016 rolled along. ►Oprah Winfrey picked it for her book..
This month’s critic’s pick is Trump Revealed by Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher (Scribner, non-fiction, reprint) First released in August in hardcover, this Washington Post effort ..
The people who knew and loved Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds the most — as mother, daughter and sister — gathered to say goodbye to them Thursday at a private memorial serv..
Carrie Fisher, best known for her role as Princess Leia in the 'Star Wars' films, died at the age of 60. Her family, friends, and fans expressed their sadness via social media. USA..
Looking ahead at 2017 also gives us a look back at some of the milestone anniversaries coming up of things that took place so many years ago. Josh King has the story (@abridgetolan..
Here’s an idea: What if, instead of re-imagining old stories, Hollywood spent more time imagining new ones? Yes, these cultural rehabs can occasionally bear welcome fruit, when an ..
It’s a welcome coincidence that Dava Sobel’s new book, The Glass Universe, comes in the wake of another recent book — and forthcoming movie — Margot Lee Shetterly’s Hidde..
Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t pulling any punches after President-elect Donald Trump threw a ratings jab at the former Californian governor for the premiere of the new 'Celebrity App..
Songz, whose real name is Tremaine Neverson, was scheduled to have a probable cause hearing at 8:30 a.m. ET on the second floor of the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice before 36th Dist..
Rowan Blanchard says she's tried writing a thank-you-and-goodbye letter to Girl Meets World fans on previous occasions when it looked like the update of Boy Meets World featur..
Carrie Fisher, best known for her role as Princess Leia in the 'Star Wars' saga, has passed away. The 'Star Wars' actress suffered a heart attack on a flight Friday. She was taken ..
Federal environmental officials still have not cleared a famous Coast Guard cutter to be sunk off the New Jersey coast. Delaware officials had wanted to add the Tamaroa, whose crew..
An assailant opened fire at a nightclub in Istanbul during New Year’s celebrations on Saturday, killing at least 39 people and wounding 40 others. The Islamic State terror group cl..
On rivers and oceans around the world, cruising is on the rise as a popular way to travel. According to, more than 23 million passengers boarded cruise ships in 2015, ..
HBO officially released the trailer for Debbie and Carrie's documentary, Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, which perfectly displays the touching relationsh..
President-elect Donald Trump won’t be the only figure on the inaugural stage January 20th whose career has been boosted by a reality TV show. Performing the national anthem at the ..
Pandora Ð The World of AVATAR will bring a variety of new experiences to Disney's Animal Kingdom, including a family-friendly attraction called NaÕvi River Journey. The adventure b..
If you’re like many Americans, you may be making fewer trips to the bank and, instead, taking care of check deposits with a mobile app or tracking account balances with a..
SAN FRANCISCO — Google is hoping the stereotype-busting message in the new film Hidden Figures will encourage more women and people of color to study compu..
SAN FRANCISCO — Google is hoping the stereotype-busting message in the new film Hidden Figures will encourage more women and people of color to study compu..
Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t pulling any punches after President-elect Donald Trump threw a ratings jab at the former Californian governor for the premiere of the new 'Celebrity App..
Motion simulator rides based on films such as "Star Wars" are mainstays at theme parks. Dynamic Attractions, a company that has been behind the scenes helping Disney, Universal, an..
Jamie Foxx plays a badass cop in his latest film, “Sleepless,” as well as a loving father, a role he echoes in real life. “It’s like papa bear; you have to protect,”..
Details of their characters are being kept under wraps by Sony, which unveiled the project in August. The movie will represent the third collaboration between Ferrell and Reil..
Martin Scorsese got right to the point on Thursday at Paramount’s Los Angeles premiere of “Silence” at the Directors Guild of America Theater — even though it had taken 28 yea..
Cecchi Gori Pictures and Cecchi Gori USA have tapped “Silence” exec producer and former CEO Niels Juul as a consultant. The announcement was made in conjunction with Thursday night..
One of France’s rare movies examining homegrown populism and the country’s own brand of far-right politics in a non-comical way, Lucas Belvaux’s “This is Our Land” has managed to r..
New songs, covers of old songs, chart-topping singers, Broadway tunesmiths: musically speaking, this year’s crop of animated movies has a little of everything. Both “Trolls” a..
According to Nielsen’s preliminary ratings — released Tuesday, the morning after Schwarzenegger’s version of the show debuted — the program’s ratings had dropped more than 43% sinc..
“There’s nothing more important than the people’s work, Donald Trump,” Schwarzenegger wrote. “I wish you the best of luck and I hope you’ll work for ALL of the American p..
Luna appears in an episode directed by Williams from her own script, a genre mashup inspired by her  fascination with video games. Williams’ producing partner Josh Thurston&nb..
“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” remains unstoppable at the world’s multiplexes, hitting $838.3 million worldwide after three weeks. The eighth “Star Wars” movie grossed $3.8 mi..
The maxim that good scripts are essential to making good movies is especially true in animation.  In this medium, scripts and storyboards provide blueprints for completely inv..
Fox’s historical comedy-drama “Hidden Figures” took in a solid $1.2 million from 2,250 new locations on Thursday night previews as it expands into wide release. “Hidden Figures,” c..
One of the buzziest titles to debut at this month’s Sundance Film Festival is already off the market. “Call Me By Your Name,” a gay love story in the tradition of “Brokeback Mounta..
Holiday holdovers “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” and “Sing” are in a tight race for first at the North American box office with a surprisingly strong expansion from “Hidden Figures..
In a classic division of labour in international between a Hollywood studio and independent sales company, Paris-based Other Angle Pictures, France’s biggest comedy export speciali..
Whether a moody sci-fi drama (“Arrival”) or a quirky comedy about teenage angst (“The Edge of Seventeen”), 2016 presented a wide variety of movies with memorable moments. Variety s..
A couple years back, festival audiences fell in love with Indian director Ritesh Batra’s genuine gem of a debut, “The Lunchbox,” in which an accountant on the brink of retirement e..
Overkill feels like an understatement when it comes to “See You Tomorrow,” a star-spangled, chintz-tinseled dramedy co-written and produced by Wong Kar-wai, featuring Tony Leung Ch..
It’s always fun to see a classy, venerable British actor grunge it up by letting himself be cast in the role of a real black-leather badass. In last year’s “Green Room,” Patrick St..
Focus Features’ “Nocturnal Animals” is only Tom Ford’s second feature as writer-director, but already he knew the two key rules for a filmmaker: Do your homework and hire the right..
Showbiz veterans like Clint Eastwood, Martin Scorsese, and Denzel Washington mingled with reps of New Hollywood such as Barry Jenkins, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, and Andre..
When he hosted “Saturday Night Live” for the ninth time last October, Tom Hanks delivered his monologue as “America’s Dad.” The sketches David S. Pumpkins and “Black Jeopardy”..
Comic Book
2016 was a milestone year for comic book movies. The Avengers were torn apart. Batman and Superman duked it out in their first joint on screen appearance. Deadpool proved that R-ra..
As with actresses, the best actor category factors in a number of elements. Not only do some actors have to be impressively fit to match a look of a certain heroes as they appear i..
It's no secret that the Warcraft movie failed, domestically. The movie flopped at the box office and was panned by critics. Overseas, however, Warcraft was a major success. The mov..
There's a popular Facebook page called "Celine a Scene" that adds Celine Dion's classic song "My Heart Will Go On" to various movie, TV, or pop culture moments. Inevitably, Dion's ..
There was much ado about the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story summer reshoots last year, as fans unfamiliar with the process behind blockbuster movies were surprised to hear ..
Today, Sword Art Online fans have a reason to celebrate. After a long wait, tickets for the U.S. release of the franchise’s latest film have gone on sale, and it looks like Aniplex..
Duncan Jones went for the big box office blowout last year with Warcraft, taking a risk on the difficult-to-get-right video game film adaptation. While it didn't wow audiences..
Jackie Chan's next Hong Kong action flick is Railroad Tigers (in theaters today!), and we at can proudly debut this exclusive clip from the film! ..
Ever since fans learned that Logan would be the final appearance of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, fans have felt bittersweet about the project. While audiences are excited to see the ..
Happy birthday, Norman Reedus! The actor turns 48 today. Born in Florida back in January 1969, Reedus was raised by his parents Marianne and Ira. Having moved to Los Angeles wit hi..
FX's X-Men TV series Legion is an odd duck, as Fargo showrunner Noah Hawley has put together a show that has confused fans as much as it has intrigued ..
Despite a few notable duds, comic book movies have done well when it comes to casting the human equivalent to some very famous heroes. For instance, Robert Downey Jr. has become To..
Comic book legend George Perez has provided a variant cover to the first issue of the upcoming Planet of the Apes/Green Lantern crossover miniseries. You can check it out below. Th..
It may be simple-minded, but there aren't many things more entertaining than giant fighting robots. The mecha genre is home for legendary anime series such as Mobile Suit Gund..
Over the decades, a slew of Superman films have debuted and brought various directors into Hollywood’s inner-circle. From Richard Donner to Zack Snyder, a handful of visionaries ha..
The end of the world has no end in sight. The writer and creator of The Walking Dead Robert Kirkman has dubbed his zombie drama the "zombie movie that never ends" in the past but a..
Are you ready to duel? Well, you better be. At the end of January, Yu-Gi-Oh! is set to make a comeback in the U.S. thanks to the release of a new movie. Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side Of ..
One of the most fun fan moments in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story came during the epic Battle of Scarif, the dogfight in space when the Rebel Fleet one their first major victory..
It looks like things are about to get super over at Disney XD. The popular cable network has a lot planned for audiences in 2017, and it is kicking off the new year in style. Not l..
Later this year, Lucasfilm will see the next piece of its new Star Wars trilogy fall into place. Star Wars: Episode VIII will hit theaters in December 2017, and production on the f..
In the world of anime, there are loads of powerful characters who wield some very terrifying powers. Whether you’re watching Dragon Ball Z or Bleach, heroes like Goku and Ichigo ar..
The Hollywood Reporter
On Thursday night's Late Show, Adam Driver took a few minutes to remember his late Star Wars colleague Carrie Fisher. Host Stephen Colbert, a huge Star Wars fan himself, said he wa..
Less seems to be more when it comes to naming your film in recent years, as Hollywood has moved away from the lengthy titles of yore in favor of single headings. Movie titles these..
Pitch Perfect 3 isn’t slated to hit theaters until December, but its cast has already assembled as a “team.” Anna Kendrick, who plays Beca in the sing-along franchise, shared a fir..
VidAngel has lost another round in its fight with Disney, 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros., and this one will cost it $10,000. The family-friendly streaming site was found in..
Moonlight opens with its protagonist Chiron, nicknamed Little, as a child (played by Alex Hibbert) meeting protective drug dealer Juan (portrayed by Mahershala Ali), and that prese..
This movie marks the pair's second collaboration after 2014's 'Black or White.' Says Spencer, "He comes to town, he gets to work. … We have similar styles." Octavia Spencer was one..
In 2012, Vertigo supplanted Citizen Kane at the top of Sight & Sound's list of the all-time greatest films. The greatest movie ever made, it seems, was no longer the greatest a..
'Emerald City': TV Review
The Hollywood Reporter
There are probably people in the world who don't like remakes, or the "reimagining" of classics. But are there really any people left in that camp when it comes to The Wizard of Oz..
Arnold Schwarzenegger is no match for the "ratings machine" of Donald Trump, according to Donald Trump. Schwarzenegger took over hosting duties from Trump when The New Celebri..
Many of 2016's highest-profile Oscar hopefuls are closely associated with a particular place. Moonlight = Miami. Patriots Day = Boston. Fences = Pittsburgh. Manchester by the Sea =..
Almost three decades in the making, “I think he [Scorsese] and everyone here who participated, they will be celebrated for many years to come for this picture,” said Paramount Pict..
On the latest Billboard 200 albums chart (dated Jan. 14), Pentatonix’s A Pentatonix Christmas held on to the No. 1 slot for a second week, earning 101,000 equivalent album units in..
The president-elect compared the new host of 'Celebrity Apprentice' to himself, a self-proclaimed "ratings machine." And Schwarzenegger quickly replied. Arnold Schwarzenegger is no..
Francine York, the statuesque actress who showed off her --- as The Bookworm's moll on Batman and in such films as It's Only Money, Cannon for Cordoba and The Doll Squad, has..
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story faces one final test in its mission for global box office dominance: China, the world's no. 2 movie market. The wildly successful Disney film will have..
From Donald Trump's stunning presidential upset to the untimely deaths of David Bowie, Prince, Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, 2016 was a year that many Hollywood insiders have ..
A spotlight was shone on some of the best film and TV shows of 2016 as the American Film Institute, which is celebrating its 50th birthday this year, today hosted its 17th ann..
The social critic and academic blames 1960s disruptions of gender roles (and not the entertainment industry) for Madonna's and J. Lo's difficulty letting go of their youth as she c..
  If you believe everything you read, Tom Hardy is the best actor of his generation and also the most dangerous. Descriptors like "volatile" and "mercurial" trail his name, as..
No performance from 2016 was met with quite the fascination of Guy Henry's turn in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story — and he wasn't even one of the few actors not involved in the film'..
Los Angeles Times
With four previous films under its weapons-packed belt, “Underworld: Blood Wars” hasn’t lost any of its predecessors’ lust for blood. It won the gore-loving hearts of audiences wit..
When NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson asks to join a high-level briefing in the run-up to astronaut John Glenn’s historic 1962 flight in the film “Hidden Figures,” an engi..
What’s more certain than “La La Land” winning the Golden Globe for best picture comedy/musical? One thing: That, with Jimmy Fallon hosting, the show itself will be a lot less snark..
If you missed George Takei’s Broadway musical, “Allegiance” — or the subsequent one-night-only screening of the live production in movie theaters nationwide — then fear not. &..
Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan, long connected to Israel’s political elite, has emerged as among the wealthy individuals whose gift-giving to Israeli Prime Ministe..
With the inauguration just two weeks away, President-elect Donald Trump has a lot on his plate. But that didn’t stop the future commander in chief from taking a moment Friday morni..
UNDERRATED ‘The OA’ on Netflix: A propulsively structured story from “Another Earth” creator Brit Marling, this series arrived like some kind of surprise stocking stuffer for those..
  Sleepy Hollow The supernatural drama encores its fourth-season premiere; with Tom Mison. 8 p.m. Fox The Guardians This new docu-series follows an all-volunteer group of anim..
  SUNDAY Meryl Streep will add to her collection of hardware when she receives the 2017 Cecil B. DeMille Award at “The 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards.” Jimmy Fallon hosts. 5 ..
The Palm Springs International Film Festival had its opening screening and party on Thursday night with the world premiere of “The Sense of an Ending,” director Ritesh Batra’s..
When chefs Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson opened the first LocoL near 103rd and Grape streets in L.A., they weren’t grasping for restaurant-review stars. It wasn’t about review..
Singer Janelle Monae has already established herself on the stage, known for her high-energy performances, powerful voice and sharp black and white suits. This year she’s also emer..
A Korean, fast-casual chicken restaurant franchise known worldwide is coming to Orange County in January. Bonchon — which specializes in Korean-style fried chicken, made with a spe..
When they pulled into the driveway of the Beverly Hills compound that day in February 2014, filmmakers Alexis Bloom and Fisher Stevens could only communicate their dumbstruck awe t..
Some came dressed in their best formal attire — suits, skinny ties and flowing glittery gowns. Others wore black, often including a veil as if attending a wake. Both fash..
BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) — A 90-year-old Buffalo candy shop that was featured in the movie "The Natural" is getting a makeover. Main Street's Parkside Candy Shoppe has been awarded $125,..
FILE - In this July 11, 2016 file photo, actor Viggo Mortensen participates in AOL's BUILD Speaker Series to discuss the film "Captain Fantastic" in New York. Mortensen will return..
DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (AP) — Authorities in Florida say there were no signs of trauma or foul play on the bodies of a couple found dead outside their SUV parked on the side of Inters..
Is Hollywood in the mood to party? On Sunday, the movie industry will gather for the Golden Globes, which are regularly one of the most freewheeling and frothiest award shows of th..
NEW DELHI (AP) — Noted Indian character actor Om Puri has died in the western city of Mumbai. He was 66. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and a host of leading movie stars tweet..
Photo: Marvel, TNS Hollywood’s release calendar for this year is full of potential blockbusters, including “Wonder Woman” and a new “Pirates of the Caribbean.” But in the first wee..
Is Hollywood in the mood to party? On Sunday, Jan. 8, the movie industry will gather for the Golden Globes, which are regularly one of the most freewheeling and frothiest award sho..
WICHITA, Kan. (AP) — A western Kansas family is outraged after game wardens killed a deer that was allowed inside their house and took walks with the family. Kim Mcgaughey, of rura..
FILE - In this Feb. 7, 2013 file photo, Kim Burrell performs during For the Love of R&B - A Tribute to Whitney Houston at Tru Hollywood, in Los Angeles. The performing rights o..
Today in History Today is Friday, Jan. 6, the sixth day of 2017. There are 359 days left in the year. Today's Highlight in History: On Jan. 6, 1967, U.S. Marines and South Vietname..
Photo: Evan Vucci, AP WASHINGTON (AP) — The Latest on President-elect Donald Trump (all times EST): 10:05 a.m. The Republican chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is ..
BEVERLY HILLS, California (AP) — Win or lose, Hollywood's biggest stars will be looking forward to Oscar once again at Sunday's Golden Globe Awards. But not necessarily THAT Oscar...
LOS ANGELES — This was supposed to be the awards season when Hollywood, having been scorched by consecutive #OscarsSoWhite years, avoided tumult over race. Not so. In heated conver..
Photo: Alex Brandon, Associated Press WASHINGTON — From his campaign fist bump to his theatrical mike drop at the last White House correspondents’ dinner, President Obama ruled as ..
In this Wednesday, Dec. 21, 2016 photo, John Yearwood kneels near a cave entrance on his property where Bone Cave harvestmen may live in Georgetown, Texas. Yearwood wants the feder..
The Seattle Times
DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (AP) — Authorities in Florida say there were no signs of trauma or foul play on the bodies of a couple found dead outside their SUV parked on the side of Inters..
Nature, food, history, entertainment — this weekend provides a nice mix of activities for the curious, adventurous and cultured. You could also indulge in a Pacific Northwest pasti..
WATERTOWN, N.Y. (AP) — Viggo Mortensen will return to his northern New York hometown this month to kick off a film festival with a screening of his 2016 movie “Captain Fantastic.” ..
The Golden Globes, coming this Sunday and sure to be filled with boozy speeches and questionable fashion choices, are an annual rite of the movie-awards season. They are, however, ..
NEW DELHI (AP) — Noted Indian character actor Om Puri has died in the western city of Mumbai. He was 66. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and a host of leading movie stars tweet..
NEW YORK (AP) — Arnold Schwarzenegger is the latest victim of a Donald Trump Twitter attack. The president-elect took time Friday to note that the “Terminator” star was “swamped” i..
Is Hollywood in the mood to party? On Sunday, the movie industry will gather for the Golden Globes, which are regularly one of the most freewheeling and frothiest award shows of th..
This week brings five movies into the spotlight. Here are capsules of what our movie reviewers thought of them. For full reviews, click on the titles: All mathematically gifted, th..
BEVERLY HILLS, California (AP) — Win or lose, Hollywood’s biggest stars will be looking forward to Oscar once again at Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards. But not necessarily THAT Oscar...
Even if Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds hadn’t died within a day of each other, “Bright Lights” would have been a lovely, bittersweet portrait of a complicated yet unusually devo..
Not long ago, a friend and I were meeting along Seattle’s Eastlake Avenue for lunch. I was looking for a parking space when she called my cellphone. She had beaten me there — only ..
Two big political events last week. A new Congress started work and “The New Celebrity Apprentice” arrived on TV. “Celebrity Apprentice” is now hosted by Arnold Schwarzenegger, a f..
Anne Washburn is a daredevil. But in person, she hides it well. Her award-winning plays — which have earned her a Guggenheim fellowship and praise as “downright brilliant” from The..
Detroit Free Press
Cher, who's spoken out on social media and in interviews on the Flint water crisis, is ready to star in a cable TV movie about the contamination of the city's drinking supply,..
ATLANTA – The three talented mathematicians at the heart of the historical drama “Hidden Figures” helped take America into space. Their car-pool cruise home in a 1957 Chevrolet aft..
'Hidden Figures' tells the true story of a group of African-American women who worked with NASA to help launch the program's first successful space missions. Led by a trio of unsto..
Free Press entertainment editors Greg Crawford and Steve Byrne make top entertainment picks of 2016. Greg Crawford is the Free Press' assistant entertainment editor, including over..
NEW YORK -- The new year at the box office is starting where 2016 left off: with Disney on top. The “Star Wars” spinoff “Rogue One” led the box office for the third straight week, ..
“The Bye Bye Man”: After three college students move into an old off-campus house, they unwittingly unleash a supernatural entity known as the Bye Bye Man, who comes to prey upon t..
Liam Neeson talks about the emotional impact his latest movie "A Monster Calls" is having on audiences, while co-star Lewis MacDougall discusses the challenges of acting alongside ..
In this week's "Talkin' Lions," Dave Birkett, Carlos Monarrez and Shawn Windsor dive deep into the matchups and storylines of the Lions-Seahawks wild-card playoff game. Recorded Ja..
As 2016 draws to a close, we're looking back at the opinions we shared over this tumultuous year. In this piece, originally published Jan. 2, columnist Brian Dickerson lamented the..
These ten favorites movies, TV shows and performances from 2016 resonated long after the screen went dark. "Manchester by the Sea": Sixteen years after his near-perfect "You Can Co..
Lions defensive tackle A'Shawn Robinson pursues Packers quarterback Aaron Rogers during the second half of the Lions' 31-24 loss Sunday at Ford Field.  Kirthmon F. Dozier DFPL..
Sara Stokes’ story reads like the cover of a tabloid magazine. The Port Huron native’s highest highs came with a rush of fame. She ascended from a childhood riddled with ..
You may kiss the bride! Margot Robbie's new husband, Tom Ackerley, shared an adorable photo on Thursday of the two sharing a smooch. "She's all that," he captioned the pic on Insta..
She's not wrong! Lion star Dev Patel appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday to promote his new film, and the talk show host couldn't help but nudge the Golden Globe-no..
We know John Glenn's name. Having died at the end of 2016, Glenn's legacy as the first American astronaut to orbit Earth has been well cemented, and his name is right up there with..
What happens when you stick three different families in one campsite over Fourth of July weekend? Well, Charlie Sheen begs to find out in the new, original Crackle film, Mad Famili..
Adam Driver appeared on The Tonight Show With Stephen Colbert on Thursday, where he talked about the death of the legendary actress. Driver's Star Wars character, Kylo Ren, was rev..
Cher is returning to acting. After her last major onscreen role in 2010's Burlesque, the Hollywood icon is coming to Lifetime to address the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. READ: ..
It took a couple of years, but Chris Pratt is finally making his guest appearance on Mom -- playing wife Anna Faris' love interest! The couple brings the heat in new stills from th..
Carrie Fisher's brother knew how the Star Wars star wanted to be laid to rest. Todd Fisher spoke to reporters moments after Debbie Reynolds’ funeral in Los Angeles, one day after h..
If the Oscars are the biggest night for movies and the Emmys for TV, then the Golden Globes are like their showy, drunken child, with the biggest stars from the small and big scree..
Zoe Saldana wanted to make her love permanent and literal! The Live by Night star spoke with ET's Carly Steel on Friday about her new movie, which hits theaters on Jan. 13, and too..
The 44-year-old actor has already won three Golden Globes -- two for Argo, and one for Good Will Hunting -- and if his brother, Casey Affleck, picks up a Best Actor in a Drama win ..
Awards show season is officially here, as the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards kick off live from the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles on Sunday! In anticipation of the night cel..
Launched in select U.S. theaters on February 7th and 8th, if you are at all a fan of the movie then you really need to see this on the big screen. The choice of Mamoru Oshii a..
Netflix original movies are tough to run the numbers on, because Netflix rarely reveals any. But based on the estimates done by Symphony Advanced Media, we know that the top three-..
It's hard enough being judged by Nielsen ratings without the President-elect of the United States jumping on Twitter to tear you apart over your poor performance, which is exactly ..
With over $37 million domestic in its first 12 days of wide release, Denzel Washington's Fences is already something of a success story. Paramount/Viacom Inc.’s $24m adaptatio..
Actor Matt Damon arrives at a red carpet event for the movie "The Great Wall" at a hotel in Beijing, Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2016. Damon said Tuesday that his role in the new China-Hollyw..
Well, the last stop on the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story train has departed, with the Walt Disney blockbuster opening in China yesterday. The film snagged a relatively "okay” $10.3 ..
DF-03283_R3 - Mary Jackson (Janelle Monae, left), Katherine Johnson (Taraji P. Henson) and Dorothy Vaughan (Octavia Spencer) celebrate their stunning achievements in one of the gre..
Box Office: Underworld: Blood Wars is the first major release of 2017, operating as both a surprisingly “big” offering for the first weekend in January as well as a skewed variatio..
As you probably already know, Rogue One began its box office sprint in China yesterday with an "eh" $10.3 million opening day. But even if the film falters in said territ..
It's the time of year for studios to release movies that they're certain have almost zero shot at any kind of awards, as anything which opens between now and the Oscars will get lo..
There are only so many tweets by President-elect Donald Trump the Mexican peso can take. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the peso hit record lows after Trump criticized General Motors fo..
Taking a look back at another week of news from Cupertino, this week’s Apple Loop includes new technology for the iPhone 8 batteries, why the MacBook Pro is already out of date, th..
The A.V. Club
It’s well known, at this point, that Home Alone is an extremely violent movie. In it, apple-cheeked American kid Kevin McAllister commits numerous crimes and inflicts upon the hapl..
If it seems like forever ago that you were reading about a movie called The Blackcoat’s Daughter, well, that’s because it was. It’s also a false memory we implanted in your mind, b..
Channing Tatum and Tom Hardy, two men with similarly shaped faces, may star together in a long-in-the-works thriller called Triple Frontier, according to Variety. The film was init..
Mike Mills’ 20th Century Women is an emotionally vibrant film about a teenage boy in 1979 Santa Barbara and the women who surround him. His mother (a stunning Annette Bening) calls..
Fresh off his final performance as Obama’s anger translator Luther on last night’s Daily Show, Keegan-Michael Key has found a new outlet for his barely suppressed rage: hunting ali..
There is always someone who is wrong on the internet. The worst thing to do is to try and correct them. The arguments may range from minor quibbles about the ending of Mass Effect ..
Netflix has released the first images from Duncan Jones’ Mute and they feature a lot of neon, a brooding Alexander Skarsgård, and Paul Rudd working his Anchorman mustache. In this ..
2016 was a good year for witches in film (The Witch and The Love Witch, to name two of the best), and it looks like 2017 isn’t planning to ease up on the resurgence of these creepy..
What Are You Watching? is a weekly space for The A.V Club’s film critics and readers to share their thoughts, observations, and opinions on movies new and old. When midnight struck..
In 5 To Watch, five writers from The A.V. Club look at the latest streaming TV arrivals, each making the case for a favored episode. The reasons for their picks might differ, but t..
Welcome back to AVQ&A, where we throw out a question for discussion among the staff and readers. Consider this a prompt to compare notes on your interface with pop culture, to ..
In Scenic Routes, Mike D’Angelo looks at key scenes, explaining how they work and what they mean. The tragic farce that was 2016 offered numerous disturbing wake-up calls—especiall..
In this new era of TV-making, even Lifetime is getting into the politics game: According to The Hollywood Reporter, the channel of kidnapped daughters, daughters led astray, and da..
Let's set the scene: Duncan Jones, director of the upcoming Netflix thriller Mute, sits down one day with the film’s hairstylist. “So, Mute. It’s a gangster movie set in futuristic..
If Samantha Jones took a trip back to post-WWI Britain, things would probably play out much the same way that they do in Agatha Christie's The Witness for the Prosecution, a TV mov..
The movie Rings is coming out later this year to resurrect the legend of Samara the well girl and her cursed tape that will bring about your death seven days after you first see it..
In the latest master class in making it all about you, President-elect Donald Trump took some time out of his busy schedule today to comment on how the new Celebrity Apprentic..
This week on the Awards Show Show, podcast co-hosts Kyle Buchanan of Vulture and John Horn of KPCC's The Frame offer a few whoppers: What snub or surprising inclusion could we get ..
After a brief Oscar-contending run in late 2016, Fox’s feel-good drama Hidden Figures, opens wide on January 6 to great expectations at the box office and consideration by the Acad..
A few years ago, while wandering the men’s floor at the glitzy Club Monaco flagship on Fifth Avenue, I happened upon a tiny collapsible stereo about the size of a paperback. Little..
Bright Lights, a portrait of the perpetually intertwined lives of Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher, would be an intimate, moving documentary in any context. But after Fisher’s rec..
Alfonso Cuarón has a knack for disappearing. The Mexico-born writer-director became one of the 21st century’s most acclaimed filmmakers after he helmed his 2001 odyssey of --- and ..
Barring last-minute announcements — unlikely because every available theater is booked — 24 productions are scheduled to open on Broadway between now and the Tony Awards cutoff at ..
Getting excited about upcoming video games is a bit of a fool’s errand. Game development is a long, iterative process, and the earliest version of a given title can differ greatly ..
Subscribe to UPROXX This isn’t your mother’s mermaid tale (or tail). The first trailer for The Lure, an indie film out of Poland, looks downright fascinating in its many dimensions..
The Guinness Book of World Records claims Sherlock Holmes is the “most-portrayed movie character” ever, with more than 70 actors, including everyone from Eille Norwood to Robert Do..
Josh Boone’s The New Mutants has been described as a “standalone spinoff”, but we should have known they couldn’t resist James McAvoy’s Professor X and his very groovy mutation. Mc..
Lifetime is moving forward with its movie about the Flint Water Crisis, and news has started to emerge about what the cast will look like. Specifically, iconic performer Cher will ..
In two weeks, Donald John Trump will officially become the 45th President of the United States. Instead of doing something, y’know, presidential, Trump spent Friday morning tweetin..
When it comes to the box office, America is not the center of the world anymore. Movies are a global business now, and while we still generate around 30 percent of the worldwide en..
Neither Deadpool nor star Ryan Reynolds are likely to take home the trophy for their respective Golden Globe nominations on Sunday. Yet the fact that the second highest-grossing R-..
Subscribe to UPROXX Okay, a few things: 2) This clip features Vin Diesel making what appears to be a dramatic escape by launching himself down a satellite tower and skiing through ..
Is questioning one’s faith really so profound? Judging by Silence, Martin Scorsese seems to think it is, but I’m not so sure. After Gangs of New York I became convinced that I coul..
On Thursday, a lunch was held at Manhattan’s Soho House in honor of Ezra Edelman’s remarkable documentary, O.J.: Made in America (which I think it the best film of 2016). During th..
When we first meet James Keziah Delaney, the hero of the new FX drama Taboo, he’s on a tall ship. Then he’s on a rowboat, then on a white horse, then strutting bow-legged through t..
The first photos from Duncan Jones' (Moon, Warcraft) long-awaited sci-fi noir film Mute have been released by Netflix. These photos offer us a look at the visual style of the film ..
There's some great casting news for Shane Black's upcoming Predators film. Keegan-Michael Key, best known for Comedy Central’s hilarious comedy series Key and Peele, has joine..
It's been a little while since the Comedy Central hit Key & Peele wrapped up its run, but since then, the duo have made one movie together, and Jordan Peele is directing an awe..
This was a super late addition to the list, because I only caught up with it yesterday for the first time. I loved how it serves as almost a parody of indie film tropes but just sl..
Last year, producer Simon Kinberg said that the version of director Josh Boone's New Mutants movie they were working on included Professor X. It looks like that's still the plan be..
Channing Tatum and Tom Hardy are looking to join Paramount Picture's crime thriller Triple Frontier. The film was originally supposed to be directed by Kathryn Bigelow (The Hu..
While Marvel movie fans just know him as plain old Nick Fury, in the comics he's known as Nick Fury Jr. Marvel's canon response to the change of the director of S.H.I.E.L.D was to ..
A red-band trailer has been released for a strange looking Polish film called The Lure. The story is set in the '80s and centers around two mermaid girls who join a human band at W..
The Goldbergs is like an explosion of awesome nostalgia, which is why I love watching it so much. Most of the episodes are inspired by films, TV shows, and other pop culture greatn..
Earlier today, Alan Sepinwall and Brian Grubb offered their best predictions of who the Hollywood Foreign Press Association would honor in the television categories at the Golden G..
Josh Boone’s The New Mutants has been described as a “standalone spinoff”, but we should have known they couldn’t resist James McAvoy’s Professor X and his very groovy mutation. Mc..
When it comes to the box office, America is not the center of the world anymore. Movies are a global business now, and while we still generate around 30 percent of the worldwide en..
Neither Deadpool nor star Ryan Reynolds are likely to take home the trophy for their respective Golden Globe nominations on Sunday. Yet the fact that the second highest-grossing R-..
Okay, the good first. Emerald City, NBC’s new event series based on The Wizard of Oz (the movie and the original series of books), is beautiful. Just visually stunning. Director an..
Last month, Jerry Maguire marked its 20th anniversary. This week, a newly refurbished Blu-ray edition was released. Therefore, we have an excuse to revisit a classic movie that see..
Is questioning one’s faith really so profound? Judging by Silence, Martin Scorsese seems to think it is, but I’m not so sure. After Gangs of New York I became convinced that I coul..
When we first meet James Keziah Delaney, the hero of the new FX drama Taboo, he’s on a tall ship. Then he’s on a rowboat, then on a white horse, then strutting bow-legged through t..
And if you think the Blade Runner-esque neon aesthetic is great, wait till you get a load of Paul Rudd’s mustache. Entertainment Weekly has released a trio of new images from Dunca..
The movies of 2017 are a truly star-studded bunch. There’s Spider-Man, Batman, Wolverine, Thor and Wonder Woman. King Kong, the Gunslinger, Power Rangers. Luke Skywalker, Peter Qui..
The first Rogue One trailer ended with a very memorable shot of Jyn Erso walking down a hallway and turning around just as the lights went on around her. You see it above. Obviousl..
Black Panther expands its cast. James McAvoy might be a part of New Mutants. Get a close a look at Spidey’s suit in Homecoming. The Handmaid’s Tale adds a crucial character from th..
Doctor Strange was a perfectly serviceable and forgettable movie that isn’t on anyone’s “must watch” list. But now that the Blu-ray is going to have a sequel to the hilarious Thor ..
Two mermaids come onto dry land and join a band that plays in a burlesque club. And that’s just the first 10 minutes of the insanity that is The Lure, the weird Polish fantasy musi..
Watching the Underworld movies is a weird experience, because it feels like the filmmakers are trying to make a cool entertainment about vampires and werewolves by using none of th..
Which, even for the world of comic book movies where the jaws of death are easily escapable, is actually quite surprising—considering this is how we last saw Frank Grillo’s siniste..
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In the film, Taraji, Octavia and Janelle star together as three brilliant African-American women who break gender and race lines while serving as the brains behind John Glenn‘s lau..
Vin Diesel and the cast of the movie ---: Return of Xander Cage are in full swing promoting the upcoming release of the film! The 49-year-old actor was joined by his leading ladies..
The first photos from the upcoming movie Mute, an original Netflix film, have been released and Justin Theroux looks totally unrecognizable! Here is the synopsis: “Set in the near-..
Natalie Portman is a frontrunner for the Best Actress prize this awards season and she is getting the support of longtime friend Julia Roberts! The two Oscar winners met up at a sc..
Anna Faris jumps into her real-life husband Chris Pratt‘s arms and gives him a passionate kiss in this still from his upcoming guest appearance on her CBS comedy series Mom. The 37..
Donald Trump is clearly not a fan of The New Celebrity Apprentice or its host Arnold Schwarzenegger and he took to Twitter to slam the show for its poor ratings. The revamped serie..
Adam Driver plays the role of Kylo Ren, the son of Carrie Fisher‘s character Princess Leia, in the Star Wars movies and he’s opening up about her sudden death last week. The 33-yea..
Lewis MacDougall is the young star of the new movie A Monster Calls and he’s opening up to in an exclusive interview about the breakout role! The 14-year-old actor pl..
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What’s the point of a movie about the vampire-werewolf war if it’s going to be fought with machine guns? That’s a question that’s never quite answered in “Underworld: Blood Wars,” ..
Also Read: Trump Mocks Arnold's 'Apprentice' TV Ratings: 'So Much for Being a Movie Star' “Wow, the ratings are in and Arnold Schwarzenegger got ‘swamped’ (or destroyed) ..
“Celebrity Apprentice” contestants Vince Neil and Boy George very nearly came to blows on set, fellow contestant and former UFC title contender Chael Sonnen says. “Those guys had r..
Key and Peele brought back their popular President Obama anger translator sketch for one last run during Thursday’s episode of “The Daily Show.” As Keegan Michael Key explaine..
Frank Grillo played Crossbones in two “Captain America” movies and Sergeant Leo Barnes in two “Purge” movies, but he doesn’t seem interested to reprise either role for a third time..
It turns out Ryan Gosling looks just as good in a cape as he does in tap shoes. Prior to Marvel casting Benedict Cumberbatch in the title role for “Doctor Strange,” the studio repo..
Fox’s “Hidden Figures,” a drama about three female NASA mathematicians, earned $1.2 million at the Thursday previews, ahead of its wide release this weekend. Until today, the movie..
This Sunday, the Golden Globes will take place at the Beverly Hilton for the 56th consecutive year. But if that arrangement comes to an end in the near future, blame a nearby luxur..
James McAvoy will play the role of Professor X again in "X-Men" spin-off "New Mutants". It's Anya Taylor-Joy, McAvoy's co-star in "Split", who accidentally confirmed the actor's in..
Ten months before "Thor: Ragnarok" is released, the movie has unveiled a new photo as well as its long awaited official synopsis. The photo shows Chris Hemsworth as Thor on the fil..
The long wait for a new "Chucky" movie will soon come to an end as Universal 1440 Entertainment has officially announced "Cult of Chucky" via a teaser trailer. Following up 2013's ..
Marvel's "Black Panther" continues to gather all the top-notched stars by adding Emmy Award winner Sterling K. Brown to its cast. The "This Is Us" actor will portray a mysterious c..
The "Pitches" assemble in the first pic taken from the set of "Pitch Perfect 3". As filming on the upcoming musical kicked off Thursday, January 5, Anna Kendrick took to Instagram ..
Donald Trump was not impressed with the ratings of the new "Apprentice" now hosted by fellow Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger. The President-elect of the United States blamed the f..
Walt Disney Pictures teases fans about "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales" by releasing a synopsis. According to the synopsis, the story will be about how Johnny Dep..
Marvel Entertainment is saying goodbye to the Hugh Jackman version of the beloved Marvel superhero Wolverine in an epic fashion with their upcoming film, Logan. Seeing as that this..
Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs have been reported to have cancelled their wedding due to a certain misunderstanding with their families. (Photo : Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Im..
Carrie Fisher's memorial service was held Thursday, with family and friends gathering for a bittersweet celebration of the movie icon's life. Fisher's family and friends gathered i..
Many have been waiting for the Star Wars Episode 8 release and it seems that they will still have to be patient as the series is slated to air on December 15, 2017. Aside from..
Cara Delevingne may find herself falling out with longtime pal Suki Waterhouse if her model pal's new rumored romance with actor Richard Madden winds up being a long-term affair. A..
Tom Cruise is reportedly leaving Scientology as he skips an important church event while Katie Holmes shares experience as mother to their daughter Suri and her directorial stint. ..
Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder were the faces that gave The Vampire Diaries the huge fandom the show enjoys but after Dobrev left the show, fans started losing interest. Howe..