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ivanka trump
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USA Today
Closer relations with democratic Taiwan. Unflinching support for Israel. A pledge to restore America’s atrophied military power. Deregulation and tax cuts that have alrea..
For most Americans, it's easy to wave off climate change as a distant threat, one that poses more danger to future generations than to the Earth's current inhabitants. I don't have..
FILE - In this Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2016, file photo, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, accompanied by, from left, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Trump, Melania Trump, ..
Hattiesburg American
NEW YORK (AP) — Fox News Channel is giving Megyn Kelly's time slot to veteran pundit Tucker Carlson, doubling down on conservative opinion leaders in its prime-time lineup at the d..
Just Jared
The 35-year-old incoming First Daughter and the 35-year-old businessman have reportedly sealed the deal on their soon-to-be home, according to . Multiple real-estate sources report..
Market Watch
G-III Apparel Group Ltd. GIII, -2.06% shares sank 7.3% in Friday premarket trading after the company lowered its fourth-quarter and full-year guidance late Thursday. G-III, whose b..
By Abby Lunardini  With Arnold Schwarzenegger taking over Donald Trump's former role on "Celebrity Apprentice" this past week, we've been treated to another round of compariso..
News Busters
On Friday, NBC Today show co-host Matt Lauer celebrated his 20th anniversary anchoring the network morning show. Since joining the program on January 6, 1997, Lauer’s liberal bias ..
Tucker opens with the kind of red meat Fox viewers crave, to help them believe that white people are the real victims in America today. Tucker Carlson Tonight/Fox In replacing Megy..
President Obama is taking a cue from Donald Trump ... he's building himself a wall. We got photos of construction at Obama's soon-to-be D.C. rental. You also see construc..
According to Nielsen’s preliminary ratings — released Tuesday, the morning after Schwarzenegger’s version of the show debuted — the program’s ratings had dropped more than 43% sinc..