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International Business Times
Queen Elizabeth II returned to the public eye Wednesday after two weeks in seclusion as she recuperated from what officials called a “heavy cold,” prompting many to wonder whether ..
British royalty has garnered a lot of attention in recent weeks due to Queen Elizabeth’s illness. The 90-year-old monarch skipped traditional annual Christmas and New Year celebrat..
Prince Harry has been introduced to Meghan Markle's father, the actress' brother revealed Wednesday. Thomas Markle Jr told Daily Mail that his father met Prince Harry during o..
The succession of the throne in Britain may be meticulously planned, but when Queen Elizabeth II does eventually pass on the crown to Prince Charles, it will be a process that is f..
Chicago Tribune
"Batsu!" ✭✭✭ Batsu is the Japanese word for punishment or penalty. And in the raucous improvised entertainment in Old Town, the audience is encouraged to chant it whenever one of t..
Fort Mill Times
As a new year dawns, we’re greeted with more of the same from Hollywood: superhero movies, sequels, reboots and origin stories. But that’s not all there will be in 2017. There are ..
Britain's Queen Elizabeth II was not able to attend the New Year's Day church service on Sunday due to a heavy cold. Buckingham Palace said the 90-year-old queen "does not yet feel..
I blame Rolling Stone for a lot of things. I could provide a long list, but that would certainly involve me unfavorably comparing Dave Grohl to Tico Torres. But here’s something th..
Vancouver Sun
First things first: Queen Elizabeth II cannot die. Not now. Not in 2017. With all the political and economic uncertainty right now, the last thing the world needs is to l..
The Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. is not known for its members’ … let’s call it logical consistency. But that’s one of the reasons that their nominations for the Golden Globes are ..
Zero Hedge
To Counterfeit is DEATH.   ? Ben Franklin (1706 – 1790), from a 15 shilling note of his design For 600 years, from the 13 century to 1870, the punishment for counterfeiti..
Updated 55 minutes ago High schools Basketball Boys Wednesday's results WPIAL Nonsection Charleroi 58, Carmichaels 40 Shady Side Academy 69, Carrick 66 Valley 72, Brownsville 62 Di..