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Today’s spacesuits are designed to work well while astronauts float around outside the International Space Station. But they’re not quite right for walking around on the moon or Ma..
Amber Heard has been making headlines thanks to her new romance with billionaire inventor Elon Musk. The new couple were spotted holding hands while exploring the Currumbin Wildlif..
This may not come as a total surprise, but NASA has announced it’s delaying the maiden flight of its super-duper powerful rocket. The Space Launch System (SLS)—destined to carry hu..
That giant sigh you just heard? The collective relief of the Northern Hemisphere that spring with all its beauty, sounds and smells is mercifully, finally here. It's also the perfe..
There’s a race on to land a new rover on the moon. The race is the latest initiative in Google’s X Prize program designed to spur technological development for the benefit of manki..
There will be a time in the future when everyone will be sick of "boring" puns in relation to Elon Musk's new Boring Company. Alas, that time has not come yet.  And how can yo..
I travel a lot, which means I spend much of my time in airports waiting to catch a flight. I use most of that time to work or catch up on email, but sometimes, when it’s really ear..
In the halcyon days of yore, people put away money with the hopes of retiring somewhere warm, where they could argue about chicken salad with other curmudgeons until they expired. ..
Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been pretty vague about his tunnel building project, The Boring Co., but a SpaceX employee Thursday shared a picture of the company’s first tunnel boring ma..
In the halcyon days of yore, people put away money with the hopes of retiring somewhere warm, where they could argue about chicken salad with other curmudgeons until they expired. ..
After successfully launching a reused Falcon 9 rocket, SpaceX is about to embark on another first. Elon Musk's commercial spaceflight company is set to launch a top secret SpySat m..
News has been dribbling out for a couple months now about Elon Musk’s new tunneling venture, the Boring Company. Today, a SpaceX employee posted a photo on Instagram (which was fir..
The more I think about it, the more it makes sense. There are some pretty compelling indications that Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is interested in space internet, given the company's ..
The leader of the most powerful country in the world wanted to speed up NASA's attempt to send humans to Mars. President Donald Trump casually gave the premiere space agency a dead..
Genetic engineering startup Synthego makes synthetic ribonucleic acid (RNA), an important genetic component found in all living cells and also used in CRISPR Cas9, a technolog..
We’ve gotten used to transportation technology improving at a glacial pace. Today’s cars and airplanes look and work about the same as they did 25 and even 50 years ago. But two an..
For years, NASA has talked about sending people to Mars with its gigantic new rocket, the Space Launch System (SLS), and a new spacecraft called Orion. But NASA hasn't said how it ..
Former Mariners Elementary School Principal Laura Canzone, who transferred to Costa Mesa Middle School amid complaints about her leadership and the accuracy of an application she f..
Perhaps we're sounding the alarm too early. Perhaps this is an overreaction, but we have to say it — we're worried about Elon Musk's Instagram.  OK, hear us out on this one. E..
On March 9, 2017, ZT, an underground technologist and writer, read his upcoming novella: Architects of the Apocalypse, to a group of his adherents in the basement of an abandoned b..
When I joined C/D, I had no idea how many peculiar situations it would foist upon me. Here’s one: I wrote a story about a $105,000 SVI Raptor [August 1996]—not the Ford truck but a..
Like everything else in the 1960s, NASA’s Saturn V rocket set a mark for extreme. At 363 feet tall, with 7.5 million pounds of liftoff thrust, it lifted six moon-bound missions int..
An impressive number of scientists, students, and research advocates gathered at the March for Science on April 22 to protest President Donald Trump's anti-science policies. P..
This article originally appeared on ZDNet's sister site, TechRepublic. One early Friday evening in September 2016, I stood on the sidewalk in a St. Louis neighborhood as a white Te..
The last time Amber Heard made news out of Australia it was for smuggling two dogs. This time it's for mugging with some big dogs. Heard, whose acrimonious divorce from Johnny Depp..
Billionaire Elon Musk and actress Amber Heard have stayed mum about their dating status, but the pair appeared to confirm their relationship over the weekend on Instagram.  CB..
Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has found time in his busy schedule to travel halfway around the world to hang out with Amber Heard. The thrice-married father of five visted the act..
Step aside J-Rod and watch out Selena Gomez and The Weeknd; Amber Heard and Elon Musk are here. And the unlikely duo is a frontrunner for being the couple of the summer. The tech b..
Elon Musk is a busy guy. But not THAT busy. The SpaceX and Tesla boss seemingly just confirmed the worst-kept secret in the high-tech tabloids when he posted an image of himself ge..
Q&A site Quora. Photo: Quora I helped Elon start the company and all of these answers are spot on. He still has my book on rocket propulsion..... What I found from working with..
To assemble this installment of The Power List, we considered the profiles and results of global corporate titans, taking into account criteria such as company value, revenue and g..
Millions of people came out this Earth Day to clean up and care for the planet. But space agencies and companies took a different approach, choosing to celebrate our Earth from up ..
Science itself may be non-partisan. But the March for Science this weekend simply couldn’t be. Demonstrators turned out in an estimated 600 cities around the world to ral..
"My business model right now ... is I sell about $1 billion of Amazon stock a year and I use it to invest in Blue Origin." -- CEO (and Blue Origin founder) Jeff Bezos Up..
NEW YORK (CNNMoney) - SpaceX celebrated Earth Day by revealing a stunning photograph of the Earth captured during the company's historic launch last month. The company -- which is ..
Bill Nye, a dapper lanky guy whose TV program in the 1990s made science seem really fun to six-year-old me, recently took time to answer questions in a Reddit AMA, and he was asked..
Two days after a Russian Soyuz spacecraft ferried two fresh crew members to the International Space Station, a commercial cargo ship loaded with some 7,600 pounds of supplies ..
Tapping Elon Musk's SpaceX to launch some of its satellites is only the beginning in a larger top-to-bottom rethink of the way the U.S. Air Force approaches its operation..
How do we know that SpaceX is having an effect on the incumbent giants of spaceflight like Boeing (NYSE: BA) and Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT), you ask? The evidence keeps rolling in..