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Samsung is expected to announce new tablets at Mobile World Congress Sunday and may also give some preliminary details about the Galaxy S8. Some reports suggest the manufacturer ma..
Android’s monthly security update for February is now hitting Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge handsets in India.The software became available wirelessly as of Thursday, but ma..
Feb. 24 (UPI) -- Apple Inc. said it's investigating a customer's claim that her iPhone 7 began making strange noises and puffed white smoke without warning this week. An 18-year-ol..
According to Mashable, 18-year-old Brianna Olivas posted this video of a smoking iPhone 7 Plus. She bought the phone in January. The day before the explosion, she went to the Sprin..
Samsung is all ready to address the world with a range of new products on Feb. 26 at its Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 press event in Barcelona, Spain. With few days to go, one ..
Taking a look back at 7 days of news and headlines across the world of Android, this week’s Android Circuit includes the Galaxy S8 release date, cost, and new images, Nokia’s flags..
The alleged spec details for the Samsung Galaxy S8 have been leaked by TechnoBuffalo. Unsurprisingly, they’re largely the same as the Galaxy S8+’s, including 12-megapixel rear and ..
Chinese hardware giant Huawei Technologies Co. said last year it aimed to overtake Apple and Samsung as the world’s top smartphone brand. The Shenzhen-based builder of telecom and ..
It's Android's time to shine. In less than a week, Mobile World Congress (MWC), an annual event that brings together the phone and telecom industries, will kick off in Barcelona, a..
Leaked Galaxy S8 designs reveal this will be Samsung’s biggest smartphone upgrade in years. But it new information has also revealed its launch and, given the Galaxy S8’s big price..
A Philadelphia man made up a story that he was carjacked with a child inside the vehicle because he wanted police to work harder to find the car, authorities say. Marcus Fletcher, ..
With the Samsung Galaxy S7 featuring fast wireless charging, it makes sense that the upcoming Galaxy S8 as well, doesn’t it? The good news is that it does not appear to have change..
Most if not all tech enthusiasts know that the Mobile World Congress 2017 is happening by the end of February. The big annual event is the venue for new technologies and inventions..
The bull/bear argument for and against Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:) stock is pretty simple. AAPL stock bulls argue that the stock is simply too cheap. Apple is a great company, with roughl..
Depending on the specifications tucked into a smartphone, the price tag can reflect what the manufacturer believes is a high-end price tag for a high-end device. We've seen prices ..
The iPhone 7 (Plus model shown) and Samsung Galaxy Note 7 both were released in multiple colors, but the black was by far the most popular. Other phonemakers should take note and r..
If you’re a new T-Mobile customer shopping for a smartphone, you’re in luck thanks to a limited online sale. Via Droid-Life, T-Mobile’s online store is offering discounts of up to ..
T-Mobile is opening up more lanes on its information highway, but you'll need a new phone to drive on them. The carrier has started to deploy LTE-U, which pipes LTE signals over un..
Samsung may not be launching the Galaxy S8 smartphone at the MWC this month, but invites sent by the company have hinted at the arrival of the Galaxy Tab S3. Close on the heels of ..
The Samsung Galaxy J7 V is coming soon to Verizon, says prolific leaker Evan Blass. The device you see below is the SM-J727, and you should probably expect it to carry some Verizon..
By now, you must have seen your fair share of leaked images and renders that purportedly show what the Samsung Galaxy S8 will look like. The only problem with these rumors is ..
Despite the fact that its first gigabit LTE modem isn’t available in a smartphone yet, Qualcomm has already announced the successor to the chip. The Snapdragon X20 modem will boost..
Sometimes you just need to capture what’s on your phone screen. Screenshotting is great for sending a picture of a conversation or a place on Google Maps. But how to do it varies f..
The latest rumors surrounding Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 have moved from the smartphone’s appearance to its internal specifications. The premium iPhone 8 will potentially only be av..
The latest Harris Poll is in, and in it we see some pretty obvious conclusions, namely that both Samsung and Volkswagen suffered big blows to their reputations in the United States..
Pokemon Go‘s latest update is breathing new, much-needed life into the app that became a pop culture phenomenon last year, but now one of the most crucial game mechanics is being b..
At the moment it is a bit unclear as to what the Samsung Galaxy S8 might look like. Sure we’ve seen some renders from casemakers here and there, but in case you’re wondering, it lo..
Last year was rough on just about everyone. Samsung seemed to get it especially bad, as the Note 7 saga stretched out over several months and two separated recalls. Somewhere in th..
We’ve been treated to a couple iterations of Samsung’s Gear VR headset already, but the next one could feature a big addition. According to both a new leak and an interesting new F..
Samsung will almost certainly be announcing a new tablet at Mobile World Congress next week – the Tab S3 – and now we have our first good look at it. The tablet just obtained ..
Smartphone owners love their devices for the connectivity and convenience these bring to their lives, but those two factors don't always go hand in hand for frequent travelers. Eve..
Optimists will call it bad timing, cynics will label it ‘Monkey see, monkey do’ but either way Samsung looks set to copy the worst feature of the radically redesigned iPhone 8... A..
For many years now, smartphone manufacturers have played it safe when choosing color variants. Most of the time, they will stick to safe but somewhat boring colors such as black, w..
Updated 18 hours ago It may only be February, but it seems like people are already getting excited about the next iPhone, which is expected to debut this fall. Shares of Apple were..
While the iPhone 8 isn’t going to be announced until September, this week has been packed with rumors on the upcoming device. And it looks like the display is going to be the main ..
As a recurring feature, we share some amazing Amazon deals we’ve turned up. These items were the ones that were the most popular with our readers this week, and they’re still avail..
Updated 27 minutes ago It may only be February, but it seems like people are already getting excited about the next iPhone, which is expected to debut this fall. Shares of Apple we..
(Photo : Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images) The new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone is displayed at an AT&T store after it went on sale in the U.S. on March 22, 2013 in Beverly Hills, C..
There are four big smartphone releases due in the next couple of months, with the LG G6, Nokia P1, BlackBerry Mercury and Galaxy S8 all set to hit the stores. And we will have to w..
There is no doubt that Samsung has considerable work to do if it is to convince consumers to stick with the Galaxy brand. The disaster that was the Galaxy Note 7 has cast something..
UPDATE 02-17-2017: The Galaxy Note 8 is beginning to take shape now, even though we won’t get our hands on the phablet for several months. Samsung recently held a press conference ..
Samsung isn’t in mood to take any chances with the safety of the next-gen Galaxy S8. The Korean company cannot afford another Galaxy Note 7-like disaster, which was caused by fault..