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After spending more than three months with the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, there are a couple of reasons I keep putting my T-Mobile SIM back into it after testing other new phones. One..
Samsung has today made it possible to use the Gear S3 smartwatch with Samsung Pay, the company's alternative contactless payment method to Android Pay and Apple Pay, in t..
HMD Global’s new Nokia is more and more exciting than the old Nokia that refused to make Android phones. The new company is currently selling a bunch of affordable Nexus-like devic..
The Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s stylus — the new S-Pen leaked online in two images Wednesday. The leaked photographs indicate Samsung has not made any radical design changes to the sty..
HMD Global, the company that makes the new Nokia Android smartphones, has announced that Arto Nummela is stepping down as its CEO. The announcement arrived just a day before the co..
Emergency averted. Following reports from concerned users experiencing abrupt reboots when dialing the emergency hotline 911 from their all-new OnePlus 5 handsets, the Chinese phon..
Imagine a company launching a new product and boasting about a particular key feature, only for customers to discover that when they buy the product, the feature has yet to be laun..
LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics have been long-time rivals when it comes to manufacturing appliances, smartphones and other devices, and now it looks like the two will once ..
Samsung partnered up with US carriers to offer people buying one Galaxy S8 an extra Galaxy S8 free of charge, as long as you trade in your current smartphone. Pay $100 more and you..
The iPhone 8 is coming, it’s going to pack in as much cutting edge technology as possible, and I think Apple would rather that most of the iPhone community buy another iPhone. With..
This week we’ve also heard from Samsung a rough timetable for the launch of the Galaxy Note 8. It will be revealed to the world’s press in late August, and it will go on sale in tw..
A new talking sidekick arrived Wednesday on millions of Samsung Galaxy S8 phones. To understand what makes chatting with Bixby different from Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant, Sams..
Samsung Electronics will recycle 157 tons of gold, silver, cobalt, and copper from the recalled Galaxy Note 7, as well as reuse key components such as OLED, memory, and camera modu..
Competing against Apple’s iPhone must be an excruciating task for Samsung. While it’s publicly dreaming to beat the iPhone with every Galaxy S or Galaxy Note model it launches, Sam..
What has Apple decided to do about identifying you? When you pick up an iPhone, in most cases you’ll rest your thumb on the home button to trigger the Touch ID sensor and unlock yo..
The Galaxy Note 8 has a problem, but it remains such a good looking phone even Samsung has started to ‘accidentally’ leak it. And yet it appears the company is still making signifi..
In what could be imagined as a Hollywood-inspired theft, two thieves on Monday successfully sliced their way into a Cupertino Verizon store and made off with over $138,000 worth of..
If you love the Galaxy S8’s long, narrow, curved display, some newly surfaced sources bring good news: Samsung plans to use the same type of display with the upcoming Galaxy S9 mod..
Earlier this year, T-Mobile spent superyacht money on new spectrum licenses. For a cool $8 billion, T-Mobile got the right to use 600MHz spectrum all across the country, which shou..
Last year Samsung launched the Galaxy S7 and while the handset itself was good without any question, it’s safe to say that this year’s Galaxy S8 with its near bezel-less display, s..
We all know that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is coming... Samsung told us during the fallout of the Note 7 battery fires that the Note 8 was definitely in 2017’s portfolio. The ..
The Apple iPhone 8 remains one of the biggest speculated smartphone releases this year, but its production has been an equally big part of the phone’s rumor cycle. The latest rumor..
Back in February, Finnish manufacturer HMD Global showed off the first Android phones designed under the Nokia name. They actually look a lot like something that peak Nokia would’v..
The Galaxy S8 and S8+ have a lot to offer: long displays, curved edges, a convenient app drawer on the edge, and more. You can find all of these features if you spend enough time s..
Samsung CEO DJ Koh has revealed that the Galaxy Note 8 is set to be unveiled in late August. As for the release date, the phablet is expected to roll out to the U.S. market in Sept..
There has been a lot of rumor and speculation surrounding the announcement date of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Some have speculated that it could be announced at IFA 2017, ..
Despite Samsung losing ground in smartphone sales in China, its high-end models are being favored by unscrupulous handset makers who sell through unauthorized channels, according t..
iPhone 8 leaks have been unparalleled and a growing number suggest is planning to deliver its biggest ever iPhone redesign to celebrate the range’s 10th anniversary. Now with exclu..
Ice universe, which previously nailed the Galaxy S8 design in February, has issued a matter of fact tweet stating “Yes, this is Note8.” and attaching three detailed images of the p..
Samsung Electronics Co.'s newest flagship smartphone owes a lot to scuba diving. Samsung design chief M.H. Lee wanted to give consumers the weightless sensation of being underwater..
Those who choose to upgrade in 12 months can avail themselves of iPhone Forever or Galaxy Forever at no additional monthly charge, giving them the chance to switch to the newest Ap..
Samsung‘s Galaxy S8 is easily the hottest phone of 2017 so far, but you could say it’s missing one big feature from recent smartphone trends: a dual camera setup on the rear. Fortu..
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launch date details have hit the web. Korean website The Bell is reporting Samsung will reveal of their new smartphone in late August, with 8/2..
Sprint wants you to drop from your current network and switch to its own. The company has now unveiled two new smartphone upgrade plans, Sprint Flex and Sprint Deals, which gives u..
Ahead of the release of its next smartphone, many people are wondering what Google Pixel 2 XL specs will be delivered by the mega-corporation. The Google Pixel 2 generation will co..
We may have glimpsed the real final design for Samsung’s long-awaited Galaxy Note 8 smartphone. The volume of Galaxy Note 8 rumours and leaks has been steadily ramping up in recent..
Even with the advent of Twitch, broadcasting mobile gameplay footage has been finicky for awhile. Samsung wants to make it easier with its new Game Live app for recent Samsung Gala..
Before the Galaxy S8 launched a few months ago, we kept seeing contradicting rumors about a signature software feature intended to offer users certain voice capabilities not availa..
Taking a look back at seven days of news and headlines across the world of Android, this week’s Android Circuit includes the latest details on the Galaxy Note 8’s launch date, Sams..
The much-anticipated iPhone 8 is expected to be released this September and could see competition from Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8. The Galaxy Note 8 will likely be launched in Septemb..
There is a new rumor, which suggests Samsung may have in the works, a Galaxy S8 Lite or Galaxy S8 Mini model, which could possibly run a Qualcomm Snapdragon 840 chip. The evidence ..
Samsung and Apple ship more smartphones worldwide than any other company. But Android creator Andy Rubin is betting he can solve a few problems with their phones, which is why the ..