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At IFA 2017 late last month, Sony unveiled its second attempt at putting out a flagship for the second half of the year. And this time, Sony almost gets the formula right. Well, al..
The first wave of iPhone 8 reviews dropped Tuesday and as can be expected, there was a pretty consistent opinion of the device not being as intriguing as the iPhone X. Many reviewe..
Before Apple unveiled the iPhone 8 and iPhone X last week, Samsung’s $930 price for the Galaxy Note 8 seemed perfectly acceptable. It’s still more expensive than any smartphone to ..
At its iPhone X event last week, Apple devoted a lot of time to the A11 processor's new neural engine that powers facial recognition and other features. The week before, at IFA in ..
Fans of the Google Pixel have been parsing over details for the upcoming Pixel 2, but Google may have indirectly unveiled several upcoming features itself. In a breakdown of G..
Most of the time, product reviews follow an entirely predictable pattern. If the reviewer likes the device, they recommend it. If they don’t like the device, they don’t. Apple’s iP..
There are jokes making their rounds on the internet about how the newly announced iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and the iPhone X are sporting features and hardware that as far as Android hands..
With the launch of the Bixby digital assistant, it also saw Samsung add new hardware buttons to the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 handsets. The idea behind the new hardware buttons i..
While the Nokia 8 continues to pick up critical acclaim, the next handset to arrive with the revitalised Finnish brand is set to push the limits of software and design. Not only do..
While the $999 price tag of the recently unveiled iPhone X is eye-watering for many U.S. consumers, the figure is actually on the low end, in comparison to prices for the device in..
Sprint has upped its game considerably to capture the hype around the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, to the point of offering a (sort of) free 64GB iPhone 8 (the Plus costs $4.17 per month)...
Samsung’s next phone release could let you make slow-motion clips like you’ve never done before. The Samsung Galaxy S9 (the last one was called the S8, so the next one will probabl..
Google is said to be launching its Pixel 2 on October 4 since it was last year on the same date and month that the company launched the Pixel and Pixel XL. Moreover, the company al..
The only thing more predictable than iPhone hot takes - like this one - is the desperation of writers to declare that the new iPhone of Note 8 is "massively expensive". I'm here to..
David Pogue of Yahoo Finance checks out some new entries in the universe of smartphones: If you're a gadget freak like me (and who isn't?), this is a great time to be alive. Samsun..
Clones in popular culture -- whether on the big screen, small screen, or comic books -- are almost always depicted as inferior to the original (unless you count Wolverine's cl..
The only thing more amazing than the geographic breadth of our readers’ travels is the quality of their pictures in this year’s summer vacation photo edition. The Travel section as..
The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the best smartphone currently available and I've been using one for a few weeks. Three cases and a screen protector from Tech21 spent a week rotating o..
Clash has launched a new on partnering to bring you a new immersive window into our CLASH Live stages and behind the scenes immersive footage as we step in bold new h..
Tablets pack all the power of smartphones behind a much larger screen. That comes in handy when you're watching Netflix on the sofa or reviewing documents on the go. Grab a clip-on..
Samsung has revived its Galaxy Note brand with one of the biggest mainstream handsets to have ever been launched. The Note 8 smartphone has a 6.3in (16cm) screen - a significant st..
While the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus were made available for preorder Friday, the impending release of the new smartphones is an interesting turn for the tech giant, as its most in..
Taking a look back at seven days of news and headlines across the world of Android, this week’s Android Circuit includes the latest news on the Galaxy Note 8 sales, new Galaxy S9 l..
The device won’t go on sale for another month and a half–November 3 to be exact, with preorders starting October 27. But with people waiting at the stroke of midnight on the 27 to ..
Apple this week unveiled its new iPhone X as part of the smartphone’s 10th birthday, and with it comes a host of security concerns. One of the major features of the iPhone X (X for..
The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is one of the most expensive phones on the market right now. With great price comes great consideration about if it's the right purchasing decision for yo..
Dissecting Apple's new iPhones for business pros The new crop of high-end smartphones from Apple and Samsung have been released, and the season of armchair quarterbacking of which ..
The eyes may be the window to the soul, but your face is almost certainly the door to your wallet. Oh, and also the last vestiges of your privacy.  Apple's Sept. 12 unveiling ..
With Apple’s new iPhones, the rumors have been confirmed and that is both the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X will be able to record 4K video at 60 FPS. Unfortunately for the Samsun..
The biggest and most controversial part of the Apple news conference on Tuesday involved the new iPhone X’s powerful facial-recognition capabilities. It made me think of a long-gon..
When I first heard about the $1,000 price tag of the forthcoming iPhone from a trusted source back in February, it came with a lot of other information about the slew of new c..
NEW YORK (AP) — When watching sports in virtual reality, it's best to remind yourself that TV wasn't born in a day. Early television was mostly radio with pictures. It took years —..
When Apple unveiled its iPhone X on Tuesday, officials highlighted the device's advanced functionality, including what truly could be a game changing feature, its facial recognitio..
Whose sick joke was it to make mornings a thing? If you manage to make it through the process of getting out of bed, putting on your clothes, and walking out the door, you’ve still..
While many eyes may be on the iPhone X, Apple also released the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus Tuesday. With this move, the manufacturer has introduced several options to its high-end ..
With fall coming up, Apple unveiled its latest slate of iPhone releases at its launch event Tuesday. The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus feature a handful of significant upgrades like w..
If you were paying attention to the pre-event scuttlebutt, Apple’s product launch on Tuesday carried few surprises when it came to specs, features, prices, and names. That removed ..
iPhone X: An early first look Apple and Samsung each now have three flagship-caliber smartphones. Apple's iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X were just announced, and they will b..
The iPhone X looks different and does things differently, whether that's the screen, the dual camera arrangement or the face detection -- I'm certainly hoping for bigger things fro..