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Of all the ideas the new Ghost in the Shell offers up, one emerges as its thesis. Memory, it posits, doesn’t define our humanity. Instead, our actions define us. As the lines betwe..
The Warner Brothers panel at CinemaCon kicked off with a sizzle reel of 2016’s successful films and a preview of upcoming movies. Sue Kroll took the stage to begin the panel. She t..
Updated 27 minutes ago A faith-based human services provider is looking to revive a landmark building on Latrobe's Main Street that has been home to live performances and restauran..
Ridley Scott is one of Hollywood’s most influential filmmakers, having helmed notable titles in every kind of genre from sci-fi to comedy to historical dramas. His most directorial..
It's safe to say that Justice League is by far one of the most anticipated movies of this year. And fresh off of the recent release of the film's first major trailer, Warner B..
Experts and lawmakers at a hearing Wednesday lamented that more hasn't been done to prevent strategic attacks against satellites, despite knowing for a decade that they are increas..
Hindi indie “Lipstick Under My Burkha,” which has been banned by the Indian film censor board, is continuing its march through film festivals around the country. After opening the ..
Cara Delevingne is opening up about why she decided to dye her hair platinum blonde… and it all has to do with having fun before her next role! The 24-year-old actress just reveale..
SPOILER ALERT: This story contains details about tonight’s series finale of Bones.  Everybody survived the bomb explosions, Seeley Booth got his man, Temperance Brennan’s asto..
What started as a limited trade-off between Marvel Studios and Sony for Spider-Man to appear in one team-up film and one solo tie-in picture has expanded to include additional..
This month, Sony Pictures has put fans of the Spider-Verse through their paces. Not only did a new trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming drop today, but the studio has announced its p..
As Marvel starts gearing up for their summer blockbuster season, movie theaters across the country are starting to ride the hype wave. One of the latest theater perks just announce..
Confronted with dwindling home entertainment profits, major Hollywood studios are pressuring theater chains to let people watch new movies much earlier than usual. Though details h..
For the record
Los Angeles Times
“Ask Amy”: In the March 25 Calendar section’s “Ask Amy” column, one of the responses to a reader question was not published. To see the question and full answer, go to http://trib...
Though The Untouchables has seemed like the definitive Eliot Ness movie for a few decades, Paul Greengrass is stepping up to direct a new Eliot Ness movie for a new generation. ---..
Trailers and television spots for the new Power Rangers movie included steamy footage of Jason and Kimberly smooching on his bed; however, when the film was released this past week..
Alessandro Michele’s spring-summer Gucci collection is just now starting to arrive in stores, including this choice piece with an L.A. story. The single-breasted, pink windowpane-p..
Nostalgia reigned again at the box office this weekend, as Lionsgate’s “Power Rangers” beat box office analyst expectations thanks to a combination of family and millennial audienc..
Academy Award winner Nicole Kidman didn’t realize what being on a popular TV show would be like. On the Philadelphia set of her new film, Untouchable, Big Little Lies is all anyone..
The beautiful homes on display in Big Little Lies aren’t there by accident: Their perfect facades bely the varying levels of tempestuousness that reside in each. This week, as BLL ..
For years, various studios have been trying to make an adaptation of Motley Crüe tell-all book The Dirt: Confessions Of The World’s Most Notorious Rock Band—which was written by ba..
Subscribe to UPROXX Just when you think the Rogue One hype cycle has completed it’s natural course, the world proves you wrong. Months after the movie came out, and after every see..
When it comes to superheroes, fans cannot get enough. Whenever a new comic book film makes it way into theaters, netizens will inevitably take to the Internet and ask one simple qu..
Subscribe to UPROXX Just when you think the Rogue One hype cycle has completed it’s natural course, the world proves you wrong. Months after the movie came out, and after every see..
The Disney Live action train is moving along rather smoothly, with the most recent release reaping massive rewards at the box office. Another beloved translation is also in the ear..
It was a show, not a memorial. That's how Todd Fisher described the public service he organized for his sister Carrie Fisher and mom Debbie Reynolds in Los Angeles on Saturday.&nbs..
The format of this artsy, autobiographical comedy series is nothing new — Louis C.K. and Larry David have been portraying dark versions of themselves on television for years now.&n..
On April 15, 2013, Russian-born brothers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev detonated homemade bombs near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Three people were killed and hundreds ..
“Jurassic World: The Exhibition,” a dinosaur theme-park experience derived from the blockbuster film franchise, is coming to the Field Museum’s front lawn this spring, the Tribune ..
This guest column by Joelouis Mattox, who died this week, originally ran on March 30, 2015. March is National Woman’s History Month. I dedicate this article to Lucile H. Bluford, l..
After bowing to a blockbuster $352 million global opening, Disney's live-action fairy tale remake Beauty and the Beast continues to devour the box office. It's stunning first-week ..
If George Lucas had known when he was making the original Star Wars (1977) that someday someone was going to come along and make a prequel that connects to it, he would've probably..
With the promotional machine warming up for this fall's Justice League, one character has been conspicuous in his absence so far. Where, exactly, is the Man of Steel in the middle ..
Saban has always treasured the Power Rangers franchise, and despite not having a film in theaters for some time the series has continued to popular amongst fans. Hopes are high for..
We’ve known for awhile that a new entry in the seemingly never-ending Puppet Master horror series was coming—but today’s casting news suggests the upcoming 11th installment may ele..
K Period Media, the production company that financed “Manchester by the Sea,” is co-financing the upcoming remake of the horror thriller “Suspiria” with Amazon Studios, Variet..
BATON ROUGE — Now that, my friends and followers, was a freakin' press conference. As new LSU basketball coach Will Wade — let's call him WW — waxed on about his style of play at h..
With “Beauty and the Beast” locking in the first $100+ million opening at the box office in 2017, it is expected to soon be joined by “The Fate of the Furious,” the eighth film in ..
Liberals are so far gone in their Trump Derangement Syndrome that they can't even wait for an impeachment of President Donald Trump to actually happen in real life. They now have t..
'Miss Saigon': Theater Review
The Hollywood Reporter
The 1989 blockbuster musical by the 'Les Miserables' team, which updates the tragic Madame Butterfly tale to the end of the Vietnam War, returns to Broadway in its first major revi..
INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb said Thursday that he supports the Republican bill to repeal former President Barack Obama's health care law, which would slash funding for..
They're only 15 seconds each, but it certainly looks like the teasers for the Justice League's trailer are as chock full of Easter eggs as Batman V Superman was (a film w..