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The die seems cast for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange as it becomes increasingly likely that the next Ecuadorean president will be Guillermo Lasso, a conservative former banker n..
WASHINGTON, February 25, 2017 — An open letter, reprinted with permissions from I met Julian through Vivienne Westwood. We mixed up our dates – I ended up at the..
Pamela Anderson and Julian Assange have been, shall we say, associates for months, but is there perhaps more to the relationship than unwelcome veganism? Like say, a relationship? ..
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and Pamela Anderson recently spoke out about their close relationship amid rumors that the two have been dating. Speculation about the duo's romant..
Pamela Anderson has visited WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange multiple times in London, causing a fury of speculation that they're a couple. Assange has been living in London's Ecua..
  Interested in precious metals investing or storage? Contact us HERE          Posted with permission and written by John Rubino (CLICK HERE FOR ORIGI..
Submitted by John Rubino via, In the past 48 hours, two stories broke that illustrate how dominant technology has become in the age-old war between freedom and c..
Islamic State group fighters are funding their jihad with taxpayer-funded welfare benefits from European Union governments. ISIS fighters are pocketing unemployment funds, dis..
Pamela Anderson has never been a stranger to throwing her celebrity behind various public causes. Some of those bouts of advocacy have prompted fewer eye rolls than others—like her..
If you halved Donald Trump’s age, changed his --- orientation, gave him a British accent and fussed with his hair only a little, you’d end up with a creature much like Milo Yian..
Pamela Anderson is looking to campaign for men falsely accused of rape. The actress sat down with Russian show "The Underground" to speak about her newest endeavor, which was promp..
Pamela Anderson has apparently been visiting the Ecuadorian embassy in London to see her good friend Julian Assange for months now, which may explain her new cause. In an interview..
Russian President Vladimir Putin attends a wreath laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier by the Kremlin wall to mark the Defender of the Fatherland Day in Moscow on Feb..
Submitted by Nick Giambruno via, Obama pulled out his veto pen 12 times during his presidency. Congress only overrode him once… In late 2016, Obama vetoed the ..
President Donald Trump was more right than wrong about Sweden. Fox News was slightly misleading. As you’ve heard, Trump referred to “(what happened) last night in Sweden.” On Twitt..
Pamela Anderson has said she’s going to stand up for men accused of rape after befriending Julian Assange. Assange, who founded Wikileaks, is facing rape allegations in Sweden and ..
James O'Keefe of Project Veritas is set to unleash holy hell Thursday on #FakeNews network CNN. Well, he didn't exactly say it was CNN, but it was heavily implied. Apparently ..
Gage SkidmoreIs it really safe for you to return to Sweden, asked an American friend, jokingly, when I prepared to check out from my hotel in Washington, D.C. President Donald Trum..
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange decided to get in on Milo Yiannopoulos‘ most recent controversy by denouncing the “liberals” who are happy that the Breitbart tech editor has been ..