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Yesterday, someone spotted one of Apple’s newly licensed self-driving cars puttering around in Silicon Valley, and — surprise! — it was a white Lexus RX450h. This wasn’t a total sh..
“I definitely did not depart because I had lost interest in working,” Klaus Grohmann, the head of Tesla’s contentious but critical manufacturing arm in Germany, told Reuters. This ..
Apple’s self-driving car has been spotted for the first time, and it’s a Lexus RX450h crossover, according to Bloomberg. Apple’s self-driving car project has been in the news for q..
  As we’ve been reviewing recent patents from the electric vehicle space for our Your Future EV series, a few from Faraday Future have jumped out. There are plenty of stories ..
A couple months back, we had a funny story about a lawsuit filed against Faraday Future for allegedly failing to pay a broker it hired to coordinate a $1.5 million sale of the webs..
NEW YORK (CNNMoney) - At Tesla, Peter Rawlinson helped design the Model S -- the car that put Tesla on the map. Now Rawlinson is betting that he can outdo his ex-employer with a di..