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David Crowley was many things—”a visionary filmmaker, a political activist, an Iraq veteran, a family man—what documentarian Erik Nelson calls “an American hybrid.” In 2010, the up..
WATAUGA COUNTY, N.C. -- Two cases of mumps were confirmed in Watauga County on Friday, according to health officials. The two additional cases were reported on an Appalachian State..
Customs agents at John F. Kennedy Airport have seized more than 300 pounds of banned Yak meat smuggled in sweaters, pants and shawls. Officials said Tuesday the meat came from Nepa..
A recently released white paper published by the National District Attorneys Association (NDAA) is calling for the federal government to strictly enforce anti-cannabis laws in..
Updated 22 hours ago The rate of Pennsylvania children with elevated levels of lead in their blood is among the nation's highest, but the state's pediatricians are doing a “good jo..
Days after Kansas achieved a landmark law for parents’ decision-making authority governing hospitalized children, another baby and his parents are losing their fight with a London ..
A former Naperville resident says a new drug on the market raises hope for parents of children who suffer from a rare and always fatal degenerative condition known as Batten diseas..
A new study offers fresh support for an intriguing theory about the vagus nerve’s role in Parkinson’s disease, a neurological disorder that causes tremors, gait difficulties and so..
Updated 2 hours ago The rate of Pennsylvania children with elevated levels of lead in their blood is among the nation's highest, but the state's doctors and health officials are do..
JUDY WOODRUFF: One of the big battles of the president’s first 100 days that remains unresolved is the fate of Obamacare. But one thing that experts across the political spectrum a..
PND mothers 'need more support' Jump to media player The search for a mother-of-three suffering with post-natal depression (PND) ended yesterday after police found a body. Bethany ..
Francia Lugo spent a month preparing her son, Aidan, for the big day. They practiced wearing the cape, spritzing water in his hair and playing with plastic scissors. He practiced s..
The 18th annual Newport Beach Film Festival will close Thursday night with a celebration and a screening of “The Exception,” starring veteran actor Christopher Plummer. “The Except..
“It sounds impossible but it’s closer than you may realize,” Facebook’s Regina Dugan recently told audience members at the F8 developer conference. Dugan was referring to the socia..
A University of Alberta public health researcher has launched an ambitious project to track how often brain tumours show up in Canada, where they occur most frequently and who is g..
When it comes to human evolution and survival, fighting off one disease can sometimes mean that a person becomes more susceptible to another. In the latest example of this finely b..
Ovaries are the female gonads — the primary female reproductive organs. These glands have three important functions: they secrete hormones, they protect the eggs a female is born w..
JUDY WOODRUFF: And finally tonight, Hari Sreenivasan is back with an appreciation of an Oscar-winning director. ANTHONY HOPKINS, Actor: Quid pro quo. I tell you things, you tell me..
The eastern Chinese city of Nanjing, like many of the country's urban areas, suffers from intense smog.  The Air Quality Index, which uses a scale from 0 to 500 (with hig..
VENICE — A Florida mother of seven children has donated one of her kidneys to her Lowe's co-worker. Christine Higbee donated her kidney to co-worker Zac Pacyna last December. The c..
A UC Riverside researcher has received one of the first grants from the National Institute of Mental Health designed to learn more about the mental health needs of Pacific Islander..
Beyonce is officially the gift that keeps on giving, and this gift may just be one of her biggest yet. Kelly Osbourne reveals that her struggle with Lyme disease almost killed her ..
The --- are the male gonads — the primary male reproductive organs. They have two, very important functions that are very important to the male reproductive system: they prod..
Almost one year after the revelation of the alleged 4-year affair that threatened to end their marriage, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne couldn’t “love each other more,” according to daug..
Lucie Sarah Halimi, 66, was murdered on the night of April 3, thrown out of her window after having been beaten in her own apartment of the rue de Vaucouleurs in the hip Parisian n..
A new discovery from biomedical researchers features a novel 3D-bioprinted patch that could help renew scarred tissue and assist heart attack patients. Since the human body ca..
When she was a teenager, chasing a high by smoking pot out of a tinfoil bowl behind the Ardmore West shopping center, Erica Daniels could not know that marijuana would re-enter her..
An experimental blood test can quickly and accurately diagnose malaria from other infections, so treatment of the mosquito-borne illness can be started promptly. The symptoms of ma..
Diseases don’t stop at borders. On World Malaria Day, this is especially important to understand and to consider. We’ve been fighting malaria for decades, and yet it still claimed ..
Patients in the United States may be much more willing to disclose their --- orientation to the staff in a hospital emergency room than health professionals think, a new study s..
Becton Dickinson to Buy C.R. Bard for $24 Billion Becton, Dickinson and Co. said on Sunday that it would acquire C. R. Bard Inc. for $24 billion in the latest merger of medical-sup..
NEW YORK U.S. medical equipment supplier Becton Dickinson and Co will acquire C R Bard Inc, in a $24 billion cash-and-stock deal, adding Bard's devices to its portfolio in the high..
As diseases such as measles and mumps remain threats to public health, Alberta continues to fall short of hitting targets for childhood immunization coverage that have been in plac..
She knew to hold her tongue during a business trip to Chicago the night Donald Trump was elected, and endured a long evening of schmoozing with the other sales reps and executives...
New York Times Public Editor Liz Spayd is on a roll. Last week she criticized the paper’s op-ed page for its whitewash of an op-ed about a Palestinian hunger strike to protest supp..
TAMPA — As a young lobbyist for the Builders Association of Greater Tampa, one of Bob Buckhorn's first tasks in the mid 1980s was to work on the city's evolving tree code — a subje..
Jeffrey Hyman says he isn’t the sort of guy who “just sits by and lets things happen.” Which is good, because the 65-year-old Cherry Hill businessman badly needs a new kidney. So h..
Research has consistently shown that people who are less physically active are both more likely to develop health problems like heart disease and type 2 diabetes, and to die younge..
Three local hospitals received A grades as facilities across the nation recently received their spring Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grades. Getting an A were Advocate Sherman Hospital ..
If you look at gizzard shad twice, they die. It's no surprise that they're often the first fish to show signs of disease or distress. These delicate silvery fish recently have made..
(CNN) - In the first federal case involving female --- mutilation filed in the United States, two Michigan doctors and the wife of one of the doctors have been charged with per..
A diagnosis of colon cancer changed 15-year-old Maggie Hanberry's life in 2014. Now with cancer attacking her lungs and liver, she's turned to Phase 1 Trials. Nicolas Kubicki/Hatti..