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Mario Draghi's press conference starts at 1230gmt on Thursday. But some are calling it High Noon. As it becomes clear what sort of showdown has played out between the doves at the ..
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Diplomatic theatrics at last week’s Brussels summit revealed how European Union leaders will coax Theresa May over the next two months into parting with tens o..
Dinosaurs may have been cuter than we thought after three of them were apparently found snuggled together. Fossils from the creatures, believed to be young siblings, were found clo..
WASHINGTON, October 20, 2017 – Italy may be heading toward a bit of a civil war. Home to twenty-five percent of Italy’s overall population, Lombardy and Veneto plan ..
If someone offered you an investment that was sure to make a return of 10% per annum for the next seven years, where you only had to put 50% down, and the bank would happily lend y..
A man has been jailed for three months in Dubai for allegedly touching a man’s hip in a bar. Jamie Harron, from Stirling, was charged with public indecency following his arrest in ..
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So the focus of the Brexit talks has shifted slightly as a result of the EU leaders' summit in Brussels. There is still plenty of tough bargaining ahead in the next few weeks, espe..
Labour will back Conservative rebels over Brexit unless the prime minister accepts changes to its repeal bill, the party's shadow Brexit secretary says. Sir Keir Starmer wants six ..
LONDON (Reuters) - The number of profit warnings issued by British companies jumped to 75 in the third quarter, the biggest quarterly rise in almost six years as economic pressures..
Editor’s note: Former Trump administration strategist and GOP agitator Stephen K. Bannon addressed California Republicans at their fall convention in Anaheim on Friday. Here is a t..
Authored by Christopher Cole via Artemis Capital Management, The Ouroboros, a Greek word meaning ‘tail devourer’, is the ancient symbol of a snake consuming its own body in perfect..
More and more, I'm encountering people who are simply infuriated with how our "leaders" are running (or to put it more accurately, ruining) things right now. And I share that fury...
Shares in Air France KLM (AFLYY) have boomed by 146% since January. German rival Deutsche Lufthansa (DLAKY) has seen its stock surge by 105% over the same period, while British Air..
The Goldman Sachs CEO took a shot at the U.K. on Thursday, singing the praises of Frankfurt in a tweet that underscores the economic impact of Brexit. "Just left Frankfurt. Great m..
The Scottish Greens are leading Scotland towards a "fairer and greener" future, the party's co-convener is to tell its autumn conference. Patrick Harvie will use his speech to high..
One of the best ways to practice negotiation skills is to practice tactics in low risk situations. I present four negotiation tactics that are useful in business and in deciding wh..
It's been 10 years since the UK last saw interest rates rise. Back then, the iPhone had only just been unveiled, Twitter was a one-year old mystery and Instagram didn't even exist...
EU leaders refused to comment on the Brexit tensions inside Theresa May's Conservative Party, but some might say this was the elephant in the room at the Brussels summit. For decad..
BRUSSELS (AP) — The Latest on the Brexit talks between the European Union and the U.K. (all times local): 1 a.m. German Chancellor Angela Merkel says British Prime Minister Theresa..
A Westminster committee is to examine the effectiveness of UK immigration policy in Scotland. The Scottish Affairs Committee has launched an inquiry into how well the current syste..
From left: German Chancellor Angela Merkel, U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May and French President Emmanuel Macron char ahead of roundtable talks Thursday in Brussels. BRUSSELS — Eur..
BRUSSELS –  European leaders rebuffed British Prime Minister Theresa May's pitch to revive stalled Brexit talks on Thursday, but German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she was c..
BRUSSELS –  British Prime Minister Theresa May will Thursday make a pitch to European Union leaders on guarantees for EU citizens living in the U.K., hoping to revive stalled ..
By Noah Barkin and Elizabeth Piper BRUSSELS (Reuters) - German Chancellor Angela Merkel offered one of her most positive assessments of Brexit talks in months on Thursday, saying s..
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - EU lawmakers and member states have agreed ways to safeguard the carbon market if Britain leaves the emissions trading scheme as a result of Brexit. The deal s..
In recent weeks, the dispute over Catalonia’s quest for independence from Spain has captivated the attention of many parts of the world. There is concern about further outbreaks of..
UK-made films, music, adverts and video games could be hit by a post-Brexit restriction on immigration, harming the economy, a trade body has warned. The Creative Industries Federa..
Oct 19 (Reuters) - The following are the top stories on the business pages of British newspapers. Reuters has not verified these stories and does not vouch for their accuracy. The ..
The British government is seeking to slash the number of immigrants from the European Union following its departure from the bloc in March 2019. It's planning tougher controls desp..
Our subjective justifications begin with the fact that we are still manipulated and abused despite our 25 years of semi-autonomy from Baghdad. Our quality of life and economic stab..
Amazon and eBay are profiting from sellers who defraud UK taxpayers by failing to charge VAT, according to a report by MPs. The report estimates up to £1.5bn has been lost from thi..
Almost half of providers of social care services - including care homes and support in the community - face difficulty recruiting the right staff, a report has said. The Care Inspe..
Hungarian-born billionaire investor George Soros is pledging $18 billion - the bulk of his $26 billion fortune – to his Open Society Foundation, completing the integration of his f..
By Robin Emmott LUXEMBOURG (Reuters) - Britain's Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said it was time to begin "serious negotiations" on Brexit, hours before Prime Minister Theresa May..
By Tetsushi Kajimoto TOKYO (Reuters) - Japanese companies overwhelmingly want Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's ruling coalition to stay in power in this Sunday's national election but a..
1 Hate crimes: The referendum on British membership in the European Union and several terrorist attacks, including a suicide bombing after a concert in Manchester, England, have he..
The boss of Vanguard, one of the world's biggest investment funds, has expressed concerns about the record highs in stock markets. Bill McNabb, chairman of the US company, told the..
BRUSSELS—British Prime Minister Theresa May failed to achieve any breakthrough over stalled Brexit talks during a dinner Monday with top European Union officials in Brussels. In an..
Theresa May and Jean-Claude Juncker have agreed to step up the pace of Brexit negotiations. Juncker, the European Commission president, released a joint statement with the Prime Mi..
Brexit negotiations should "accelerate over the months to come," says a joint statement from the UK prime minister and the president of the EU Commission. Theresa May and Jean-Clau..
The Palace of Westminster's famous towers, gilt and gargoyles exude grandeur. But descending into the basement which runs underneath the Houses of Parliament inspires a different k..
A "significant step forward" in Brexit talks between the UK and Welsh governments has been claimed by Theresa May's deputy. First Secretary Damian Green said "talk of a power-grab ..