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No one could accuse the Brexit campaign of being a friendly time in British politics – but new research has shown just how poisonous it all got. Thousands gather at vigils to show ..
As President Donald Trump prepares to fly to Thursday’s NATO summit in Brussels, he and his 27 counterparts should look at a new poll of public attitudes on both sides of the Atlan..
The horrific terrorist attack against young concert-goers in Manchester, England. Newsweek magazine chose to highlight Conor Gaffey’s report from the city in its daily email. But i..
London and Paris—When she took her 7-year-old on a visit to London just days after the terrorist attack near Westminster in March, Vicky Hall-Newman felt it her duty as a mother to..
The U.K. vote to leave the European Union, known as Brexit, has created special challenges for Northern Ireland, the smallest of the U.K.’s four constituent countries. Northern Ire..
The ISIS attack on the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, was a strike against both the British people and a symbol of American culture timed to coincide with President ..
The SNP is to set out a manifesto for June's general election aimed at ending austerity and investing in public services. Nicola Sturgeon will launch her party's platform for the v..
SINGAPORE Sterling extended losses after British police said they were treating an explosion in Manchester as a possible terrorist attack, while the euro retained gains made on com..
Here in the colonies, the country seems to be on fire, and nobody can stay off Twitter for more than 30 seconds at a time, lest we miss something important. But over in Merrie Olde..
Amazon still hasn't opened its cashier-less convenience store in downtown Seattle, Amazon Go, to the public. And its two drive-up stations for AmazonFresh grocery pickup, just nort..
Which side are you on? Are you with Donald Trump, or with the Washington insiders who want to undo his election? Do you favor the legitimate U.S. president, or an unelected “deep s..
A rally in technology and industrial shares lifted U.S. stocks Monday, boosting major indexes to a third consecutive session of gains. Growth in corporate earnings and signs of eco..
Barriers to research collaboration in Europe as a result of Brexit would harm scientific progress, says a group of leading UK universities. Science and research should be a priorit..
A large diamond ring is expected to fetch £350,000 at auction 30 years after its owner paid £10 for it at a car boot sale, thinking it was a costume jewel. The ‘exceptionally-sized..
Jeremy Corbyn failed to condemn the IRA directly when pressed on the Troubles in an interview, but insisted that ‘all bombing is bad’. The Labour leader was repeatedly ask to ..
The BBC has apologised after one of its local radio stations ran a light-hearted feature asking people to ‘guess the famous person’ – and the answer was Ian Brady. During BBC Radio..
Theresa May has dropped her party’s pledge to ban the trade of ivory in its General Election manifesto. In the Tories’ previous manifesto, launched before the 2015 election, David ..
A potentially deadly new strain of hepatitis E is feared to have infected 10% of  sausages. Doctors are warning pork lovers to ensure their meat is properly cooked, after 60,0..
Jeremy Corbyn has vowed to protect pensioners from Conservative "attacks" on their income as he steps up his push for older voters. The Labour leader claims pensioners will be £330..
The stock market’s decline last Wednesday was the largest in eight months as many panicked investors ran for the exits. Even though the stock market was able to rebound by the end ..
You may know him as animals’ best friend or the dreamy voiceover man, but maybe Sir David Attenborough should get on the campaign trail. The people of Britain have spoken and they ..
European commentators see the UK general election as a Conservative power grab - and see little opposition to Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit agenda. Most see the Conservative ..
Theresa May has said a shadow cabinet row over Trident shows Labour cannot be "trusted" to defend the country. The PM claimed a Labour government would not be "unequivocally commit..
This June marks the 20 anniversary of J.K. Rowling’s "Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone," the first in a series of one of the most beloved stories of the modern era that spa..
LONDON—When Julian Assange sought refuge in 2011 at an embassy in the heart of London, only one of Britain’s political parties was willing to offer support to the exile in their mi..
Some voters say it's boring, others unnecessary. But at least the UK election campaign is colourful. A dash of orange for the finance minister, red for the Labour opposition party ..
A British musician is sending MPs a postcard from every European city where she performs, to highlight her concerns over Brexit. Anneke Scott, a horn player who works with dozens o..
Here in the colonies the country seems to be on fire, and nobody can stay off Twitter for more than 30 seconds at a time, lest we miss something important. But over in Merrie Olde ..
The U.S. dollar fell against its major rivals on Friday, dropping to its lowest level since November as political uncertainty continued to flow out of Washington and depress sentim..
After the election but before taking office, President Donald Trump briefly drew attention to Hussain Sajwani, one of his Emirati business partners. Standing before guests at a New..
Arlene Foster has said a row over a controversial Brexit donation is a "re-heated story" from political opponents to distract from "real issues". In February, her party confirmed i..
The leaders of five political parties have taken part in a live TV election debate - but Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn sat it out. There was little disagreement between the leaders..
BBC drama Three Girls, starring Maxine Peake, Lesley Sharp and Lisa Riley, has been rightly been praised by viewers for its unflinching and heartbreaking portrayal of the 2012 Roch..
To set the stage, representatives from BIO; two statewide life science organizations, Biocom and the California Life Sciences Association; and San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer discu..
A Ukip candidate went to pretty extreme lengths to prove the party isn’t racist – by bringing a photo of her black husband to hustings. Catherine Blaiklock took a picture of her Ja..
Restructured and apparently rejuvenated It was time for Deutsche bank to face the music at its Annual General Meeting. And its shareholders were vying for blood (SOUNDBITE) (German..
Published: May 17, 2017 8:36 p.m. ET Popular bets on low volatility were pummeled on Wednesday, as the market endured its first big selloff of 2017 following a protracted period of..
During the 2016 campaign, the stock market was “with her” — when Hillary Clinton’s prospects improved, equities climbed. Summarizing the implications of the market’s behavior, one ..
In the past nine days, the following has happened: President Trump fired FBI director James Comey and then seemingly admitted on national television that he did so in order to..
Welsh party leaders have clashed over Brexit in their first TV audience debate of the general election. On the ITV Wales Election Debate, First Minister Carwyn Jones said he had "n..
The Conservatives will promise further measures to curb immigration in their manifesto, the BBC understands. Firms will be asked to pay more to hire migrant workers, who will in tu..
The Nasdaq on Wednesday saw its worst one-day decline since the day after U.K.’s vote to exit from the European Union rattled markets, as turmoil in Washington cast doubt on Presid..